School District of Philadelphia
Policy for Computing Resource User Account Creation
The School District of Philadelphia provides its employees ("users") with access to various computing resources. The purpose of this access is to facilitate employees' work. In that regard, accounts issued to users are for school district use only and may be audited for misuse.

The Office of Information Technology will provide access to computing resources only after proper authorization by appropriate management has been provided. Each user will be issued his/her own account to access computing resources. User accounts may not be shared. Users will be responsible for maintaining and protecting the password on their accounts to prevent possible misuse of their account.

New Account Request

All users requesting an account on the IBM Mainframe, School Computing Network ("SCN"), or Windows Local Area Network ("LAN") must submit the "Mainframe, SCN & LAN User ID Request/Revoke Access" form prior to receiving their account. No account will be created until the request form has been approved and submitted to the Office of Information Technology.

  • Users must read and sign the School District of Philadelphia Computing and Internet Authorized Use Policy, acknowledging their intention to comply with the policy.
  • The access form must be filled out completely and signed by the new user's supervisor.
  • Forms may be faxed after obtaining signatures, but original must be sent to Office of Information Technology Data Center Operations, Administration Building.
  • No request form is required for new e-mail accounts since each new employee will automatically receive an e-mail account.

Account Deletion

User accounts are audited routinely. Users who are no longer employed by the school district will have their accounts automatically deleted (e-mail accounts will be maintained for 30 days prior to deletion to allow supervisor access to the former employee's School District e-mail).

In addition, supervisors must immediately notify the Office of Information Technology when an authorized user transitions to a position for which access is not authorized.