For Our Community

Welcome Community Members. The School District of Philadelphia recognizes the importance of a strong community through which partnerships can be created and neighborhoods can thrive.


Office of Strategic Partnerships

The Office of Strategic Partnerships (OSP) identifies, coordinates, and matches partner and volunteer resources to align them with the goals and priorities of Action Plan v2.0 to create excellent schools. OSP assists supporters and service-providers in school partnerships, not suppliers or contractors.

OSP works daily to make the School District the best partner it can be. The Partnerships Inquiry is the first step in a streamlined on-boarding process that matches partner and volunteer resources with school needs. Please complete the Partnership Inquiry form to start the process of creating a potential partnership with the School District of Philadelphia.

OSP also oversees the Support-Our-Schools Campaign of the School District of Philadelphia. To join the campaign and provide much-needed resources through corporate and community sponsorship, fill out the Partnership Inquiry form and do not hesitate to contact the OSP at

Comcast Essentials Partnership

In an attempt to help bridge the digital divide, cable giant Comcast has partnered with the School District of Philadelphia to launch a new program to bring low-cost broadband Internet service to Philadelphia families. Families who are eligible for a free lunch under the National School Lunch program are eligible to apply for the Internet Essentials program. If approved, families will be provided with broadband Internet access for $9.95 plus tax a month, incur no price increases, activation, equipment or rental fees, and receive a voucher for the purchase of a Dell or Acer computer for $149.99. For more information on the Internet Esesntials program please visit

The School District of Philadelphia welcomes and fosters partnerships with organizations that share common goals and vision.

Grant-related Partnerships

Grant-related partnerships are formed between The School District of Philadelphia and corporations, foundations, the philanthropic community, and the educational, non-profit community with the goal of enhancing the educational experience and academic achievement for our children.

The SDP Grant-related Partnership Process

There is a formal procedure for outside entities who wish to collaborate with the District on grant proposals, grant-funded initiatives, and/or research projects and/or who are requesting letters of support. All organizations that wish to partner/collaborate with the School District of Philadelphia must:

  1. Complete the Intent to Apply for Grant Funding/Request for Letter of Support form.
  2. Once completed, submit the form via email to the Office of Grants Development and Support to
  3. Your request is reviewed by our Development Committee who considers the request through the lenses of effects on the District and its priorities and/or impact of the program to date. The Committee also considers the following information before it approves a letter of support:
    • Project description
    • Number of students/teachers served
    • Data to support your programming
  4. You will be contacted upon review of your submission.

Any entity working/providing services in our schools -- even those entities that are donating their services -- must provide proof of the same insurance and clearance that is used for contracts, otherwise, the District may be held liable for any negative incidents that may occur while the students are under the supervision of the outside entity, whether the services are occurring during or before/after school hours.

Many entities make private arrangements with principals, and the necessary Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), that includes the appropriate documentation, has never been signed. To correct this problem, you must contact Paul McCarthy, Assistant General Counsel in the Office of General Counsel, as soon as possible and request a copy of the District's MOU Standard Terms and Conditions to which the outside entity providing services must comply.

To learn more about grant-related partnerships, please visit the Office of Grants Development and Support or call (215) 400-4150.

Faith-Based Partnerships

A faith-based partnership involves a relationship between the School District of Philadelphia and a faith-based institution that helps to improve the quality of life for our students and schools. Faith-Based Partners offer various services, e.g., mentoring, tutoring, after-school programs, and safe corridors. To learn more contact the Office of Public Engagement at 215-400-4040.

Community Outreach Being a Good Neighbor

As a member of our community, you are important to the School District of Philadelphia. As we work to improve and renovate our educational facilities we recognize the importance of being a good neighbor and communicating items that may impact your neighborhood. The Community Outreach Team's goals are to:

  • Build support and partnership with the community during the various phases of renovations and rebuilding of schools.
  • Increase awareness of the many benefits that will become available to the community, businesses and entrepreneurs during the building process.
  • Meet with the community on a regular basis in order to establish a positive and productive relationship through the renovation and building replacement process.
  • Establish open communications between the Philadelphia School Improvement Team and School Principals, Teachers, Parents, Students and the community at large.
  • Serve as a liaison between the Capital Improvement Program and the Community.

For more information contact the Office of Public Engagement at: 215.400.4040.

SRC Meetings

The SRC holds public meetings each month.
Check the SRC Meeting Schedule for a list of upcoming meetings.
Location: 440 North Broad Street
The room is subject to change but should be listed on the meeting location board in the Atrium.

Capital Project Issues Hotline

The Capital Project Issues Hotline number is 215-400-5210.
Residents with issues or concerns related to a School District of Philadelphia construction projects should call this number. A staff member from the Office of External and Community Affairs will respond accordingly.

Make a difference, Volunteer

Want to make a difference? Why not try one (or more) of these volunteer opportunities; they are not just for parents. We welcome our community members too as we are all the School District of Philadelphia.