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School District of Philadelphia 
Policy and Procedures 
Subject  Special Release of Pupils
Classification  Activities Initiated by School Authorities
Date Issued  February, 1993 
Policy Number  103.5
Issued by  Office for School Operations
Supersedes  September, 1981
Review Before  As Needed 

School District of Philadelphia
Policy and Procedures
Subject Special Release of Pupils
Date Issued
Policy Number 103.6
Issued by Office for School Operations
Supersedes September, 1981
Review Before As Needed


A. The principal is responsible for the safety of pupils during the school day.

B. The special release of pupils during the school day may be granter only by the principal or his/her designee - the assistant principal, administrative assistant, or teacher-in-charge.

C. Under no circumstances, may a pre-kindergarten through grade 8 pupil be released without a properly identified adult. The identification must be checked against school records. The release must take place in the school office.

D. Release of pupils in grades 9 through 12, during school hours, may be authorized for emergency purposes only. The parent must approve the special release.

E. When a written request is received, the authenticity of the request must be established. Telephone requests must be carefully screened and authenticated.

F. The following information must be recorded in the school office:

1. Pupil's name
2. Date
3. Reason for the dismissal
4. Time of dismissal and time of return
5. Steps taken to authenticate a telephone request
6. Adultís name and relationship to pupil (pre-kindergarten through grade 8)

G.    Pupils are not to be sent on errands under any circumstances.


A. Medical and Dental Appointments

     1. Dismissal of pupils for medical or dental appointments may be permitted only for emergency purposes. The emergency should be certified by a note from a physician or a dentist.

     2. The school handbook distributed to the parents at the beginning of the school year must inform parents that medical and dental appointments should be scheduled during non-school hours. This policy should be reiterated during the school year as needed.

     3. If a pupil is released for emergency medical or dental treatment, the date, time of the release, and time of retum must be on file in the school office.

B. Illness or Injury

     1.A parent or other responsible adult must be contacted to come to the school when a pupil's illness or injury is such that the family must be notified immediately.

     2. The parent, guardian, or other designated adult representative of the family who comes to the school must report to the office and provide valid identification checked against school records before the pupil is released.

C. Suspensions

     Pupils are to remain in the building until the close of the school day unless released to the parent, guardian, or other responsible adult. The identification of the adult must be verified in accordance with the procedures detailed in #103.6,I.

D. Performance (School Sponsored)

     1. Dismissals for attendance at performances: e.g., dramatics, choral, etc., in which the school participates are permitted. Pupils in pre-kindergarten through grade 8 must be accompanied by a teacher.

     2. Written permission of the parent or guardian must be obtained through the use of Form EH 80.

E. Faculty Meetings Involving Early Dismissals (Must be approved by the Regional Superintendent)

 If early dismissals are approved by the Regional Superintendent, pupils and parents must receive notices at least five school days before the meeting. Principals must notify the local police and SEPTA of any changes in the regular dismissal time.

F. Conferences and Hearings

     1. When a pupil or parent presents a summons from the Office for Comprehensive Student Support Services or from the Juvenile Court, the principal must dismiss the pupil if the parent requests the dismissal. A record of the dismissal must be filed in the office as detailed in # 103.6,E,3.

     2. Pupils in pre-kindergarten through grade 8 may not be released in response to a summons or subpoena unless accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult.

     3. Conferences and hearings may be held at:

          a. Regional Office
          b. Family Court
          c. Youth Study Center
          d. Municipal Court
          e. Courts of law and/or other authorized social service agencies

G. Attendance at Competition for the Awarding of Scholarships

     1. Early dismissal for attendance at scholarship competitions may be permitted.

     2. Written permission of the parent must be obtained on Form EH 80.

     3. Pupils in pre-kindergarten through grade 8 must not be released unless accompanied by a responsible adult.

     4.A pupil who does not. report to school and is absent for the entire day for this purpose is to be marked absent and coded 10.

H. Athletic Contents

     1. Dismissals for attendance or competition in athletic events in which the school participates maybe permitted.

     2. Form PEH 19, "Certification, Competitive Games," must be completed by the parent and retained on file in the school office.

I. Psychological Evaluation

     When a pupil is to be given a psychological examination away from the school, a parent, guardian, or other responsible adult must accompany the pupil. If this cannot be arranged, written approval must be secured from the parent to have school personnel accompany the pupil.