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For all children, a great school, close to where they live.

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Action Plan

The School District of Philadelphia’s Action Plan establishes the goals and values that drive our work. It aligns the work of all employees and communicates the District’s focus to  parents, families, students, partners and other stakeholders. Action Plan 3.0 builds off of previous versions and was revised after reflection, review, and research.

Action Plan 3.0 advances a set of core values.

We believe that:

  • All students can and will learn;
  • High quality instruction is at the core of our work;
  • Schools are learning organizations;
  • Parents and families are our partners; and
  • We are trusted stewards to public resources.

Action Plan 3.0 creates aspirational and urgent goals for The School District of Philadelphia.


Anchor Goal 1

100% of students will graduate ready for college or career


The District’s graduation rate continues to trend in the right direction. Great schools are not the product of one year’s work and the District continues to strengthen and improve the safety, climate, and culture of our high schools to create environments that support academic success.

In school year 2015 - 2016 66% of students graduated on time. The District’s five year target is 80%.


Anchor Goal 2

100% of 8-year-olds will read at grade level


Early literacy is the best place to make investments that enable children to develop skills that will benefit them for a lifetime. Improving literacy is a multi-year effort and although we are seeing progress already, the 2017 – 2018 kindergarten class will be the first group of students to receive the full benefits of our early literacy strategy.

In school year 2015 - 2016 30% of students were reading at grade level. The District’s five year target is 66%.


Anchor Goal 3

100% of schools will have great principals and teachers


A great school for every child starts with strong leaders and great educators. The District continues to invest in ensuring all schools are fully staffed and in providing principals and teachers with the training and coaching they need to master their crafts and improve student outcomes.


Anchor Goal 4

The District will have 100% of the funding we need for great schools and zero deficit


Through strong fiscal management and tough choices, the District has stabilized its finances and produced a positive fund balance for three consecutive years. The District is in year two of a six-year $526 million investment plan, laying the foundation to drive academic success and improve outcomes for years to come. Although we are in a much stronger place fiscally, deficits remain on the horizon, and we continue to engage our stakeholders in a long-term funding solution for the children of Philadelphia.



Last modified: July 21, 2017