Advanced Senior Year (ASY)


The Advanced Senior Year (ASY) Program is designed for qualifying high school seniors to complete their senior year of high school at the Community College of Philadelphia. By the end of senior year, students enrolled in ASY will have the ability to earn their high school diploma as well as up to 24 college credits towards an associate degree with a Liberal Arts focus. This opportunity will give students a jump-start on a college career and provide exposure to more rigorous coursework in preparation for academic success.


  • A maximum of 24 college credits per program can be earned (Liberal Arts)


  • Community College of Philadelphia


  • Mandatory five-week summer program July 13-August 11, 2021


  • 40 total available seats


  • Complete and submit the Google S.Y.O.P. application (be sure to indicate ASY as one of your program preferences)
  • Complete the Community College of Philadelphia Application using the below instructions:
    1. Go to:
    2. Student creates an account providing all required information (name, email, high school, graduation date, term (Spring 2021) and academic program which is Advance at College. Student creates a password and clicks on “create account”.)
    3. Student clicks “Start New Application” and completes the application in full. The application has 5 sections: Personal, Demographics, Plans, Academic, and Signature.
      1. Click “save and continue” at the bottom of each page
      2. In the Plans section, choose Dual Enrollment for the Student Type
      3. Preview your completed application before submitting it.
    4. Students are required to provide their social security number if they have one. If they do not have one, they should follow the instructions in the application. Students cannot edit their application and add this information at a later date. Students are not able to register without providing their social security number.
    5. After completing the application, students will be brought back to the dashboard. They will see their application in the My Applications window.
    6. Within 3-5 days, the student will receive an email from CCP containing her/his CCP student ID number (J#) and will, at that time, be able to take the placement assessment.
  • Qualifying students will be directed to take the Accuplacer exam
  • The exam scores will determine program eligibility
  • Students will be notified of acceptance in June 2021