Comcast Senior Year Only Program (CIP)

Program Description

The Comcast Senior Only Program (COM-SYOP) is a paid internship program designed for qualifying high school seniors enrolled in Electrical Construction, Computer Systems and Information Technology Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. Students have an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of cabling and networking through real-world hands-on experiences coupled with courses through Comcast University. Mentors are assigned to students to guide them through learning experiences, by teaching them technical skills, while reinforcing the customer service skills core to the Comcast brand.

The program takes place at one of the three Comcast centers (Parkside, Wayne Avenue, and Northeast Philadelphia).  Students enrolled in COM-SYOP will accompany Comcast Technicians twice a month on actual service and installation appointments for residential customers. The program takes place every Friday and students report to their school the four remaining days each week. One of the greatest benefits for students who are successful in the program is a guaranteed interview with a hiring manager.

Students enrolled in COM-SYOP will meet all of the requirements for graduation of the School District of Philadelphia inclusive of the senior project. All costs related to the program (i.e., transportation) are covered by Comcast and/or the School District of Philadelphia.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

The Comcast Program is seeking applications from current 11th-grade students enrolled in School District of Philadelphia Electrical Construction, Computer Systems or Information Technology CTE Programs.  Current Juniors must meet the criteria below to qualify for the program:

Must have 17.5 credits by the end of their junior year
Must have a 2.5 or higher in their CTE program
Must be enrolled in an Electrical Construction, Computer Systems or Information Technology CTE program

What to Submit?

Students must submit the following information in order to be considered for the program:

Completed Google S.Y.O.P. Application form
Student letter of interest
2 Letters of Recommendation

Next Steps

If you are enrolled in an Electrical Construction, Computer Systems or Information Technology CTE program, please ask your CTE instructor for additional information.