100% of 8-year-olds
will read on or above
grade level.

100% of 8-year-olds will read on or above grade level.

In the first year of full implementation of our early literacy plan, the percentage of 3rd graders reading on grade level increased by five points, surpassing statewide gains.

Three years ago, Philadelphia committed to ensuring every student is reading on or above grade level by age 8. We’re delivering by providing all K-3 students with the highest-quality literacy instruction and the right books in their classrooms.

2017 Achievements

early literacy coach in every elementary school supporting all K-3rd grade teachers.

3rd-7th grade students are reading at the very highest level. 1,500 fewer students are reading at the lowest level.

from 3rd-7th made gains in PSSA reading exams. 3rd graders posted the largest gains.

new books were distributed across every K-3 classroom for more than 46,000 students, funded by our Right Books campaign.

2018 Priorities

Provide all K-8 Teachers with the materials, assessments, training, and support required to deliver high-quality, evidence-based literacy instruction to every student.

Improving Early Literacy Rates

Nicole Vega, Parent of 2nd Grader, Alexander K. McClure Elementary School

When Aliana started second grade, she loved reading but was struggling with some basic skills. Her teacher, Ms. Rodriguez, gave her extra attention and kept things challenging but also fun.

She stayed in touch with me almost every day, so I could help Aliana at home. Ms. Rodriguez saw me as a partner in my daughter’s reading success.

Now, Aliana is already reading at the next grade level. I’m so proud and grateful for the help we got from everyone at her school.

“I love reading chapter books with my mom. My favorite right now is Charlotte’s Web.”

—Aliana Vega, 2nd Grader
   Alexander K. McClure Elementary School

An Inside-Classroom Look at our Early Literacy Strategy in Action

See our master classroom teachers at work. It’s no wonder more of our children are reaching the read-by-4th milestone more than ever before.