100% of positions are filled
by great principals, teachers,
and employees.

Across the city, our principals, teachers, and school staff create safe, supportive, and academically-challenging environments.

Great schools require caring teachers who are masters of their craft, passionate about their profession, and reflect the diversity of their students.

We’re committed to ensuring high-quality instruction and organizational expertise by continually improving recruitment and hiring practices for all positions and providing training, professional development, and coaching opportunities for all employees.

2017 Achievements

with teachers, principals, and school support staff unions.

of teacher positions filled at the start of the school year.

teachers hired were educators of color.

K-3 teachers were trained to be expert reading instructors.

2018 Priorities

Systematically recruit, hire, develop, support, and retain high-quality principals who are ready to lead on day one.

Strengthen the recruitment, hiring, development, and retention of teachers.

Building Instructional Expertise

Jen Grunmeier, 2nd Grade Teacher, Olney Elementary School

As an educator, you’re always learning. The Literacy Institute training has been nothing short of transformative.

I was given the knowledge and tools to provide highly differentiated reading and writing instruction. This means every one of my students gets what they need from me to become strong readers.

My kids love it. Guided reading is now their favorite time of the day.

I am really grateful for what the Literacy Institute taught me. I feel like I learned more in that one week than I did in college.

Improving the Lowest Performing Schools

Jason Lytle, Principal, Hartranft Elementary School

My colleagues and I are compelled by a moral imperative to show our students every day how a good education can make all the difference.

For us, this starts with a deep belief that all our students can and will succeed. This growth-mindset approach informs everything we do. We are constantly gathering and applying data to focus our energy where it will make the biggest impact for our students and community.

We’ve created a single school culture where students and teachers are learning and growing together. I believe every school, every teacher, and every student in our city shares this potential for success.

Great Schools Require Great Leaders

“Being a principal in Philadelphia is not a job, it’s a life calling.” Meet just a few of our award-winning principals.