To monitor the quality and development of our Programs and to provide transparency and clarity, the Opportunity Network conducts a series of annual qualitative and quantitative evaluations. Below are descriptions and links to all available reports for the ’17-18 school year.

Operational Mid-Year Evaluations

Operational Mid-Year Evaluations are formal observations during which a review team focuses primarily on the operational aspects of a program for the following domains: Vision for Learning; Family & Community Relationships; School Safety; Positive Environment, High Quality Instruction; Talent Development; and Data. The domains are aligned to the School District’s evidence-based High Performing School Practices and the Essential Features of Alternative Education Programs, as well as the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Leadership Framework. Each domain includes three to seven components that are rated according to three performance levels: (1) Failing, (2) Needs Improvement, and, (3) Proficient.

Instructional Visit Summaries

Instructional Visit Summaries are formal observations held during the Spring, in which a review team focuses primarily on the instructional aspects of a program for the following components: Academic Success Questions with Leadership; Academic Success Questions with Teachers; Academic Success Questions with Students; and Classroom Observations.

Operational Mid-Year Evaluations and Instructional Visit Summaries are used to collect qualitative data, which gives us a sense of the students’ experience at the program and help us develop a sense of each individual program’s quality, as well as the quality of all programs/schools across the Network.

Alternative Education Progress Reports

The Alternative Education Progress Report (AEPR) is an innovative tool designed to provide a high-level overview of how our alternative programs are performing. The AEPR reflects our core belief that all students deserve to attend great schools and that we must hold ourselves to a standard of equitable educational excellence. The AEPR enables us to both see whether we are meeting this standard, and to track progress and growth of students against the District’s anchor goals (outlined in Action Plan).

IDSchool NameReport TypeCity Council DistrictGovernanceAEPROperational WalkthroughInstructional Walkthrough
869Crossroads Accelerated AcademyAcceleratedDistrict 3District2017-2018N/AN/A
351El Centro de Estudiantes (Big Picture)AcceleratedDistrict 7Contracted2017-20182017-20182017-2018
808Excel Academy NorthAcceleratedDistrict 5Contracted2017-20182017-20182017-2018
329Excel Academy SouthAcceleratedDistrict 7Contracted2017-20182017-20182017-2018
324Liguori Academy-FortisAcceleratedDistrict 7Contracted2017-20182017-20182017-2018
807OIC CADIAcceleratedDistrict 1Contracted2017-20182017-20182017-2018
354Ombudsman NorthwestAcceleratedDistrict 9Contracted2017-20182017-20182017-2018
381One Bright Ray - Elmwood CampusAcceleratedDistrict 2Contracted2017-20182017-20182017-2018
819One Bright Ray - Fairhill CampusAcceleratedDistrict 7Contracted2017-20182017-20182017-2018
889One Bright Ray - Simpson CampusAcceleratedDistrict 7Contracted2017-20182017-20182017-2018
847Philadelphia Learning Academy NorthAcceleratedDistrict 7District2017-2018N/AN/A
846Philadelphia Learning Academy SouthAcceleratedDistrict 3District2017-2018N/AN/A
384Philadelphia OIC Workforce AcademyAcceleratedDistrict 8Contracted2017-20182017-20182017-2018
845YES PhillyAcceleratedDistrict 5Contracted2017-20182017-20182017-2018
231Camelot AcademyAEDYDistrict 5Contracted2017-20182017-20182017-2018
382Camelot Academy EastAEDY District 7Contracted2017-20182017-20182017-2018
304Excel Middle Years AcademyContinuationDistrict 3Contracted2017-20182017-20182017-2018
810Gateway to College - Community College of PhiladelphiaDual EnrollmentDistrict 5Contracted2017-20182017-20182017-2018
321Ben Franklin High School EOPEOPDistrict 5District2017-2018N/AN/A
385Northeast High School EOPEOPDistrict 10District2017-2018N/AN/A
320PLA North - Hunting Park EOPEOPDistrict 7District2017-2018N/AN/A
380PLA South EOPEOPDistrict 3DistrictNot ApplicableN/AN/A
388South Philadelphia High School EOPEOPDistrict 2District2017-2018N/AN/A

Reports from prior years: SY 2016-2017