Get Started

First, you’ll want to figure out which programs seem to fit your student’s needs. 

Once you determine the schools you’re interested in, depending on whether if it is a Multiple Pathways program or a Transition program, the way you get started will vary.

If your choice is in the Multiple Pathways schools, you’ll start at our Re-Engagement Center (REC). For Transition, students will start at the Transition Services.

Re-engagement Center

If you’re interested in the Multiple Pathways options, the Re-Engagement Center should be your first stop. Please feel free to call or visit the Re-Engagement Center during business hours; an appointment is not necessary. Or, you can send them an e-mail.

The Re-Engagement Center (REC) provides counseling, placement services and access to information leading to achievement of a high school diploma or GED. The Center also works to connect youth to comprehensive resources such as childcare and employment, which support academic achievement and success. The REC is a “one-stop shop” for students, families, staff and community partners looking for re-enrollment opportunities. Visit the REC today to find your Pathway to Graduation!

Transition Services

If you are interested in another school type, Transition Services provide student support, placement services and guide families for students in the disciplinary or expulsion process, returning to the district or seeking an alternate school through our continuation programs. We guide students, families, and community partners through the transition process and answer any questions. Visit or call us to speak with one of our Transition Liaisons!