Our Schools

The Opportunity Network offers student access to several different types of programs:

  • Multiple Pathways: This division provides options for students who have previously dropped out (or those with low high school credits) to return to school through an “educational pathway.” These pathways are designed to assist students in earning their high school diploma or its equivalent. See our brochure.
    • Accelerated High School Pathway – an option for students who are over-aged and under-credited to complete the requirements for graduation in less that 3 years!
    • Educational Options Program (EOP) – also known as “Twilight”, this option allows adults aged 18 and older to continue earning credits towards graduation through early evening classes. See our fact sheet.
    • Gateway to College Pathway – a dual enrollment option that allows students to complete their high school diploma while simultaneaously earning college credit.
    • Community-Based GED & Literacy Pathway – our office can provide resources for obtaining a GED and information people interested in furthering their education.
    • Crossroads Accelerated Academy – a 1-year accelerated program for over-aged middle school students who need to get back-on-track with their peers.
  • Transition and Intervention: This division provides alternative school settings and supports designed to meet student’s academic, social and emotional needs in a non-conventional classroom. See our brochure.
    • Transition and Continuation Schools: Alternative school settings for students who have committed serious violations of the Code of Conduct or have been referred through the intervention process, providing a program for educational, social, and emotional development.
    • Philadelphia Learning Academies (PLAs): Educational sites for students who are coming from court-sponsored placements, providing structured classrooms and personalized learning strategies.
    • Philadelphia Juvenile Justice Center – operated in conjunction with the Philadelphia Department of Human Services, PJJSC is a secure youth detention facility for juveniles between the ages of 13 and 20.
    • Crossroads Academy at Hunting Park – a District run alternative school for students in grades 3-6 who have been referred through the RtII/MTSS process.

See our schools and programs under Alternative Education on the School Directory.