Outside organizations that partner with the School District allow us to enhance arts education programs for our students. Partnerships come in different shapes and sizes: Some are long term, others are single workshops. Some partners contribute financially or provide arts supplies.

Enrichment programs can happen on- or off-site, during school hours or after. Partners may also work with educators, providing professional development opportunities.

We currently work with over 100 partners to enhance our arts programming in the District.

What is a partner as defined by the Office of Strategic Partnerships?

Partners ARE:

  • Fully funded
  • Organizations (non-profit, corporations, government agencies, etc.)
  • Providing programs/services to SDP school communities
  • At no cost to SDP, schools, or students and their families

Partners are NOT:

  • Individual volunteers (please visit https://www.philasd.org/face/volunteer/)
  • Organizations who charge SDP, schools or families for their programs/services
  • Organizations seeking funding for their programs/services
  • Researchers (without programs/services)


Visit the Office of Strategic Partnerships for more information!