Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music Teachers

Instrumental Music Teachers are site-based, providing daily music instruction to students within their school.  These instrumental directors are full time at one school. They are highly skilled, highly-qualified, certified Music Educators and direct either band or orchestra, although sometimes both as they oversee their school’s entire music program. Music Appreciation and Music Theory are often taught as part of the music curriculum. In addition to the many concerts and performances each year, many directors conduct and produce a musical each year in partnership with their drama and dance programs.

Class Instrumental Music Teachers (Itinerant)

Class Instrumental Music Teachers (CIMTs) are allocated and assigned throughout schools across the District to provide the greatest number of students with equitable and consistent access to relevant, meaningful, and high-quality instrumental music instruction.

CIMTs are highly skilled, highly-qualified, certified Music Educators, categorized by specializations in Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion. CIMT instruction is typically first offered in third or fourth grade and continues through high school, though in some circumstances instruction is available for younger students as determined by the availability of age-appropriate inventory. Allocations and assignments are based on various criteria including equitable distribution, student enrollment, the available inventory of instruments, adequate and safe environment for instruction and storage of inventory, and accessibility of students. Consideration is also given to establishing feeding patterns within Learning Networks to provide opportunities for continuous instruction through graduation.

At the high school level, Class Instrumental Music Teachers are allocated in support of school-based Instrumental Music Teachers and are assigned based on their specialty and the needs of the program.