Young Artists Exhibition

Young Artists Opening & Awards Ceremony

2021 Young Artists Virtual Show

Each spring, for 65 years, we celebrate student achievement in the Visual Arts at the Annual District-wide student “Young Artists” Exhibition. This year our show will be totally virtual for the first time in “Young Artists” history due to students participating in online and hybrid learning.

The theme for this year is “Healing Through the Power of the Arts”. We are living in a world that has been plagued by a pandemic and the spread of hateful comments and actions that indicate the severity of the divisions among all. This theme provided students the opportunity to express themselves and process what they were experiencing through art making and to answer these questions: How did the Arts help you through the isolation of quarantine? How do we embrace diversity rather than making it a source of discord and dissension? Why is learning about world cultures past and present in the Visual Arts essential to education? How do we embrace technology in Visual Arts in the 21st century?  The student artwork showcased in this exhibition answers these questions by documenting the active and complex learning that takes place in our art classrooms thus demonstrating that students are learning art making techniques, creative problem solving and essential skills required for global communication and cooperation

All of the artwork displayed is created in art classes taught by certified art specialists. All District art teachers are invited to submit their best student artwork. The outstanding artwork in this exhibit is indicative of all visual arts instructional areas including drawing, painting, 2 and 3 dimensional design, sculpture, ceramics, photography and creative digital media that represents schools with positive distinction.

We are most grateful for the many local organizations that sponsor student awards. The awards will be distributed by mail following the Annual “Young Artists” Opening & Awards Ceremony and before the end of the school year.

Enjoy the show!

The “Young Artists” Exhibition celebrates artistic achievements of our District art students that are created in art classrooms under the direction of certified art specialists.

In a typical year, the students’ artwork will be on display throughout The School District of Philadelphia’s Administration Offices throughout the spring and summer. This year, the 2021 Young Artists exhibition be completely virtual.


“I’ve fallen in love with a piece in the exhibition, can I buy it?”

The sale of student work is at the discretion of the student. Each piece is labeled with the students name/school/and teacher. Contact the art teacher who will relay your contact information and offer to the “young artist” and their parent(s).

“I love the exhibition and would like to present prizes to the students and teacher, what can I do?”

Great! Feel free to contact the Director of Visual Arts/Dance/Theatre for more information.

“I really enjoyed this group project or body of work from this teacher, how can I support them?”

A teacher may have upcoming projects listed on The Fund for The School District of Philadelphia or DonorsChoose!  Each of these options is located on our side bar.