Young Artists Exhibition

Each spring, for over 60 years, we celebrate student achievement in the visual arts at the Annual Citywide student “YOUNG ARTISTS” Exhibition. All of the artwork displayed is created in art classrooms taught by certified art specialists. All District art teachers are invited to submit their best student artwork.

The student artwork showcased in this exhibition demonstrates the active and complex learning that takes place in art classrooms across the District and that students are learning the essential skills required for global competitiveness in the 21st Century. The outstanding artwork in this exhibit is indicative of all visual arts instructional areas including drawing, painting, 2 and 3 dimensional design, sculpture, ceramics, photography and creative digital media that represents schools with positive distinction. Many local organizations sponsor individual student and group awards, which are distributed at an annual “YOUNG ARTISTS” Awards Ceremony.

The “Young Artists” Exhibition is an opportunity to celebrate the students in our Philadelphia public schools. Only students affiliated with the SDP are eligible to be in the show.

With the changing School District of Philadelphia Academic Calendar, our exhibition date has been bumped up. This year’s reception is on April 12, 2019. The students’ work will decorate the halls of 440 throughout the summer.

A couple of scenarios:

“Help! I’ve fallen in love with a piece in the exhibition, can I buy it?”

No problem! The sale of student work is a possibility at the discretion of the student. Each piece is labeled with the students name/school/and teacher. Contact the school and teacher and from there it’s all up to the “young artist”.

“I love the exhibition and would like to present prizes to the students and teacher, what can I do?”

Great! Feel free to contact Deborah Klose, Director of Visual Arts/Dance/Theatre for more information.

“I really enjoyed this group project or body of work from this teacher, how can I support them?”

Check out our supplies list link located on side bar. Another option, see if the teacher has any upcoming projects on DonorsChoose or the Fund! Each of these options is located on our side bar.