Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Information

The Division of Athletics for the School District of Philadelphia is responsible for the distribution and maintenance of all AED units for member public schools within the district. It is imperative that schools have access to AED devices to ensure the safety of students and staff in the event of a cardiac emergency.


The Division of Athletics currently distributes and services Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 AED units:

Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 units are the only units that are currently serviced. If your building has any other brand or model of unit, our department will NOT be able to provide equipment or service to these units. If you wish to have a unit replaced, please contact Gavin Tulone at or at (215-400-5696).

AED Storage Locations

While each School District of Philadelphia site is different in size and layout, it is recommended that AED units be located within or in close proximity to these locations inside/outside of your building:

Main Office: The main office is the center of communication for each SDP building in the event of an emergency and a safe area to store these devices away from students.

Nurse’s Office: In most medical emergencies, the nurse is the first point of contact and potentially the most readily available.

GYM/Athletic Complex: While cardiac emergencies involving students are rare, they are very possible. The most likely time that a student could suffer a cardiac emergency is during physical activity or an athletic competition.

How to store an AED

AED devices should be kept in a secure yet accessible location that is away from students. It is recommended that these units be stored in wall-mounted cabinets that are provided by the Division of Athletics. Wall-mounted cabinets generally come in two forms:

These cabinets are not required for storage of AED units, however the Division of Athletics would like to outfit as many AED units as possible with appropriate methods of storage if requested.

AED Maintenance and Upkeep

It is the responsibility of each School District of Philadelphia site to maintain all AED units within their respective locations. The following equipment should be checked and recorded in an appropriate manner to ensure that each unit is functioning properly.

AED Electrode Pads:

There are two types of electrode pads: adult and pediatric (pediatric pads are only given to buildings with elementary and middle school students. Buildings with only high school students do not need pediatric pads unless special requirements are given)

Each set of pads has an expiration date which is located on the back of the pad. When this date passes, the pads are no longer useable and need to be replaced. The unit will let you know when pads have expired.

It is important to know that pediatric pads are only to be used in an emergency. Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 units are programmed to recognize adult pads only. While pediatric pads will work in the device, they are NOT to be stored within. The unit will display a Red X in the “Rescue Ready” window and will beep until adult pads are replaced.


While batteries can last anywhere from 3-5 years, the exact date of expiration is highly variable. The date located on the back of an AED battery is the Manufacture Date and NOT the Expiration Date. Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 units will notify you when the battery is about to expire. If you would like to check the health of your battery, simply open the device and look at the battery gauge, located in the bottom left corner of the display box:

When the bottom most light is blinking red, the battery needs to be replaced (blinking red does not mean that the battery has completely expired).

Equipment Disposal

All AED defibrillator pads can be disposed of in the regular garbage. The only piece of equipment that cannot be disposed of in regular ways is the battery. Due to the lithium core, batteries cannot be thrown away in the garbage. The Division of Athletics will collect old batteries during site visits and dispose of them through our office. Additionally, all batteries can be taken to any OfficeMax or OfficeDepot for proper disposal.

It is the Division of Athletics goal to make sure that all of our SDP sites are equipped with the appropriate units for a safe and worry-free environment. We understand that each SDP site is unique and requires different amounts of equipment to best satisfy the needs of the building

Any questions or concerns regarding AED service, distribution, or any of the information provided above can be sent to Gavin Tulone at and at (215-400-5696).