PPL School-Based Student Athletic Advisory Committees

School-based SAACs will be composed of student-athlete representatives from each varsity sport within each school’s athletic department. The Athletic Director will supervise the operations of the SAAC, but governance of the organization will be primarily driven by the student-athletes. SAACs will meet at a minimum of seasonally.

Importance of an SAAC

  • Promotes communication between student-athletes and the athletics administration
    • Social Media representation for your teams
    • Gives student-athletes a voice within the athletics department when new policies are being considered
    • Provides insight and feedback into issues affecting the athletics department
    • Provides the student perspective on broader rules and regulations, such as those proposed by state or national organizations
  • Builds a sense of community among many teams within the athletics program
  • Provides experience on assigning or electing representatives to campus-wide or district-wide committees (such as student government)
  • Helps develop leadership skills important for future success inside and outside of athletics
  • Can help in organizing and participating in community service efforts
  • Boosts the image of student-athletes on campus and creates a positive vibe for the athletics program as a whole

How to Start an SAAC

  1. Ask your Athletic Director (AD) to start a SAAC.
  2. Your AD will ask head coaches within your athletic department to select at least one student-athlete representative per varsity sport
  3. Set first meeting date and time to convene student-athlete representatives
  4. At the first meeting(s), have student-athlete representatives create and adopt a SAAC constitution for your athletic department. Constitutional considerations should included:
    • Mission statement. What is the purpose of your SAAC and what does it seek to accomplish?
    • Membership considerations. How many student-athletes will participate on the SAAC and how will they be chosen? What are their general duties and terms of service?
    • Executive committee. Will your SAAC have an executive committee (president or treasurer, for example.)? If so, what are the positions and how will they be assigned or elected?
    • Will your SAAC have subcommittees to handle various events, responsibilities, and so on? If so, what will they be?
    • Where and how often will the SAAC meet? What are the attendance expectations?
    • What are the policies and procedures?
    • Who is in charge of the money, who will track it, and what are the details?
  5. Follow the SAAC constitution adopted by the student-athletes

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