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Our office is dedicated to creating and maintaining safe learning environments for Philadelphia students. The Office of Capital Programs is responsible for identifying, prioritizing, and financing capital work within the School District of Philadelphia. This includes the construction of new buildings, renovating existing facilities, erecting additions and converting existing facilities to accommodate educational program change, and improving existing facility sites.

Our Guiding Programs

The Capital Budget and Five Year Program provides the financial resource plan to assure that the physical plant for all schools is safe, accommodating, free of hazardous materials and provides an appropriate physical environment to support education. To this end, the estimated costs for the construction of new schools, acquisition of property, redesign of existing facilities to accommodate new and changing need, renovations to and modernization of component building systems, remediation of environmental hazards and the purchase of equipment items for both the schools and administrative initiatives are included.

The Capital Improvement Program presents a multi-year plan that includes detailed budgets, by project, for the current and forthcoming Fiscal Years and the planned expenditures, by major category, for the ensuing (5) Fiscal Years.