Feltonville Intermediate School

238 East Wyoming Ave, 19120

Grades: 3-5

Active Project (s): Major System Improvements, Exterior Structural Renovations

Mechanical Plant Replacement, New Air handlers, New Chiller, Piping, Automatic Temperature Control, and system accessories

Construction Budget: $10 MM

Anticipated BOE Approval: Date: May 2023

Status: Design Phase

Replacement of all roofs, windows, and doors. Refurbishment of exterior masonry and concrete. Addition of a stair lift.

Construction Budget: $8,659,694

BOE Approval Date: 9/22/22

Status: Construction Phase

Construction Phase

Recently Completed

Fire Alarm Replacement

Budget: $ 213,000

BOE Approval Date: 12/17/21

Status: Construction Complete

Scope of Work: Removal and upgraded replacement of the fire alarm system