AMY Northwest

Amy Play Yard

AMY North West 

6000 Ridge Avenue

Philadelphia  PA 19128

Planning Phase

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Design Phase

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Construction Phase

Schoolyard Improvement

Budget: $358,897

Board Approval Date:

Scope of Work: Schoolyard Improvement

In partnership with the School District of Philadelphia and Philadelphia Water, The Trust for Public Land is working to increase the City’s open space resources and improve the quality of life for residents. The Trust for Public Land has been leading schoolyard renovation efforts at over fifteen schools and recreation spaces around the City and is excited to be working at the AMY Northwest Middle School! AMY Northwest students are leading the design effort to transform their schoolyard into a beautiful, green, playful learning environment for the school and community.

The Design Team is comprised of students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade who demonstrated an interest in schoolyard design. Design students are learning how to see and think like designers as they explore the benefits of landscape architecture. The students took field trips to the Water Works Interpretive Center to better understand the urban water cycle and to the William Cramp Elementary School to see a completed schoolyard. Every design student is asked to think critically about the built environment and be challenged to design new improvements for the schoolyard at AMY Northwest. Students will also have STEM-based learning opportunities as they integrate GIS mapping into their site analysis and concept design work.

Ultimately, the AMY Northwest students will design the schoolyard, which will be constructed after a year of permitting and documentation by professionals. Learn more about our student design process by visiting

Project Progress

Construction Phase 90%


No projects are currently in this phase