Louis H. Farrell School

Louis H. Farrell School 

 8300 Castor Avenue,

Philadelphia, PA 19152

Planning Phase

No projects are currently in this phase

Design Phase

No projects are currently in this phase

Construction Phase

BOE Approval Date:

Budget: $225,000

Status: Construction Phase

Scope of Work: This project is the renovation and improvements to the Farrell schoolyard, including asphalt pavement repair/replacement, installation of new play structures with concrete footings and rubber safety surface, new planting beds with trees and shrubs installed, and installation of new site furnishings including benches, bike racks, and trash receptacles.

Project Progress

Construction Phase 90%


General Contract Budget $ 4,898,000
Mechanical Contract Budget $ 387,000
plumbing Contract Budget$ 343,000
Electrical Contract Budget $ 676,727

BOE Approval Date: 11/16/17

Scope of Work: New Addition to existing School

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