Fox Chase School


Fox Chase Elementary School

500 Rhawn Street
Philadelphia, Pa 19111

Planning Phase

No projects are currently in this phase

Design Phase

No projects are currently in this phase

Construction Phase

Building Envelope Repairs

BOE Approval Date: 11/18/21

Construction Budget: $2,241,000

Status: Scope of work: Building envelope repairs


Construction Phase 45%


Classroom Modernization

BOE Approval Date: 4/30/20

Construction Budget: $1,770,000

Scope of work: modernization of 16 classrooms; and installation of new furnishings and technology. Modernization of classrooms to include replacement of movable partitions with infill walls; Wall and ceiling repainting; Ceiling and door replacement; New casework, cubbies, and built-in shelving; Refurbished and new classroom teaching boards.; Install new lighting, clocks, power, data receptacles, and conduit pathways;  Classroom sink and toilet replacement; Heating valve and trap replacement; Hydration Station replacement; New window AC units; VCT floor replacement and Hardwood floor refinishing; All new classroom furnishings and new interactive Panelboards; Slate chalkboards and cork bulletin boards will be replaced with magnetic white marker boards and tack boards.

New cabinets and furniture in room 105.

Modernized classroom A4

Modernized classroom 111.