Retaining Wall Replacement at Mann


School: Mastery Charter at Mann

Construction Budget: $1,300,000


A new steel reinforced concrete retaining wall will be replacing the existing stone masonry wall. This will include the removal of the existing backfill and replacement with new structural backfill, and a new chain link fence at the top of the wall. Existing stormwater infrastructure will also be removed from the project footprint and replaced with new inlets, a stormwater drain, and a new manhole that will be re-connected to City stormwater infrastructure.

Design Project Manager: Kenneth Rux, P.E.
Construction Project Manager: Mario Tamborello
Project Inspector: Tom McGahan

Design Firm: Pennoni Associates Inc.

Retaining wall replacement; Install bulk head for East footing.

Retaining wall replacement; Rebar already installed for East footing.

Retaining wall replacement; Started digging East footing.

6 foot wide footing for new retaining wall.

Ready for concrete pour.

External view of new wall.

New sidewalk on south side.
Pipe replacement.
Brand new sidewalk.


Construction Progress: 96%

APRIL 30, 2020

Project Start


Project Duration

DECEMBER 31, 2020

Project Completion


Construction Budget

Mastery Charter at Mann

Environmental Results

There are no environmental testing results at this time.