CSPR COVID-19 Update

All Planning Committee meetings and Community Input Forums for the Comprehensive School Planning Review (CSPR) process are canceled for the remainder of the school year and the CSPR is being paused.

Given the continued uncertainty associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not yet able to provide updated dates and times for new meetings and making recommendations to the Board of Education. We are hopeful that we can restart the CSPR process in fall 2020 or when social distancing is lifted.

For the remainder of the school year the CSPR team will focus on:

  • The CSPR survey to get feedback from families and community members on options being considered for Cycle 1 schools is being finalized and translated. Survey administration is now scheduled for the end of the school year to not interfere with other district initiatives. Notifications and survey links will be sent to families, staff and the community via email, text message and robocall. The link will also be posted on the CSPR website.
  • Supporting FLO Analytics as they work to deliver final, district-wide forecasts in July 2020. The forecasts will include demographic, population, and housing data for all district-run and renaissance charter schools. No options, decisions or recommendations will be made based solely on this information.

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