Comprehensive School Planning Review

A Message from Dr. Hite on Comprehensive School Planning Review(CSPR)


The School District of Philadelphia has a clear vision: For all children to have access to a great school, close to where they live.

The overall goal is for the District to design schools in every neighborhood that meet the educational needs of the changing population by:

  • optimizing utilization of our buildings to ensure students have access to a high-quality school close to where they live
  • investing limited capital dollars where needed most
  • creating thoughtful transitions for students at elementary and middle grades

To achieve this vision, we must plan proactively not only for new school buildings but for improvements to existing buildings. Beginning in fall 2019, the District will partner with industry experts to lead a multi-year Comprehensive School Planning Review designed to take a strategic, system-wide look at how populations and communities across our city are projected to change in the coming years.

The review will be conducted in four cycles, each of which will focus on different areas of the city. Information gained during each review cycle will be combined with school performance and building quality data to guide recommendations to the Superintendent and Board of Education.

We realize this topic and process will be of keen interest to every Philadelphia neighborhood. The District is committed to the collaborative development of options that balance the desires of the students and families in each study area with its overarching responsibility to do what is best for all learners.