Capital Projects

Our buildings require ongoing maintenance and we are working on some substantial improvements. Our mission is to provide a safe learning environment for children. We do this by identifying and supporting investments in the buildings that the students in Philadelphia learn in. This can include the construction of new buildings, renovating existing facilities, erecting additions and converting existing facilities to accommodate educational program change, and improving existing facility sites.


We are currently doing more than $224 million of work in our schools!

Our current projects include: Boiler Plant Repairs, Roof Replacements, Fire Alarms, Emergency Generators, Classroom and Science Lab Modifications, Major Renovation & Additions, Site Improvements & Stormwater Management, Elevator Replacement/Refurbish, Cooling Plant/Chiller, Electrical Upgrades, or Paint & Plaster Stabilization.


Current Capital Projects

Click on the school below to find out what capital project is underway!

Boiler Plant Repairs

Alexander AdaireEdwin M. Stanton   


Classroom Modification/Science Lab

Feltonville Intermediate    


Cooling Plant/Chiller

Edward HestonThomas A. Edison   


Electrical Upgrades

Samuel GompersJohn MarshallAMY 5 @ James MartinSpring GardenNortheast
Walter B. SaulStrawberry Mansion


Elevator Replacement

Penn Treaty


Emergency Generator

William W. BodineBuilding 21Paul L. DunbarAvery D. HarringtonCharles W. Henry
James R. LowellJ. Hampton MooreRooseveltEdward SteelWister


Fire Alarm

Jay CookeEdwin ForrestAndrew J. MorrisonJoseph PennellJohn H. Taggart


Major Renovation/Additions

John BartramMurrell DobbinsBenjamin FranklinAlbert M. GreenfieldJohn B. Kelly
J. Hampton MooreMotivationRooseveltWalter B. SaulSolomon Solis-Cohen
Woodrow Wilson


Paint & Plaster

Please visit our Paint & Plaster Stabilization website for more information.


Roof Replacement

Watson ComlyThomas K. FinletterWilliam HarrityThurgood MarshallGeorge Sharswood


Site Improvements / Stormwater

Tanner DuckreyRobert B. PollockRhodesScience Leadership Academy @ Beeber


Asbestos Inspection Reports

Adaire - Boiler ReplacementEthel Allen - Classroom ModBache-Martin - Classroom ModBlaine - Boiler ReplacementBryant - Classroom Mod
Dunbar - Classroom ModF. S. Edmunds - Classroom ModEmlen - Classroom ModFeltonville Intermediate - Classroom ModGreenfield - Classroom Unit Ventilator Replacement and Electrical
C. W. Henry - Classroom ModMitchell - Classroom ModMorris - Classroom ModPotter-Thomas - Classroom ModRoosevelt - Major Renovation
Sullivan - Classroom Mod