Capital Projects

Our buildings require ongoing maintenance and we are working on some substantial improvements. Our mission is to provide a safe learning environment for children. We do this by identifying and supporting investments in the buildings that the students in Philadelphia learn in. This can include the construction of new buildings, renovating existing facilities, erecting additions and converting existing facilities to accommodate educational program change, and improving existing facility sites.


We are currently doing more than $224 million of work in our schools!

Our current projects include: Boiler Plant Repairs, Roof Replacements, Fire Alarms, Emergency Generators, Classroom and Science Lab Modifications, Major Renovation & Additions, Site Improvements & Stormwater Management, Elevator Replacement/Refurbish, Cooling Plant/Chiller, Electrical Upgrades, or Paint & Plaster Stabilization.

The descriptions below generally describe what each of those projects entail but of course, projects will vary by school and scope.


Boiler Plant Repairs
Demolish and replace existing boiler, controls, and associated pumps and piping.

Classroom Modification / Science Lab
Replace ceilings, lighting, and window shades, paint walls, and replace/repair of casework and flooring.

Cooling Plant / Chiller
Demolish and replace chiller, controls, piping, valves, existing air handlers, controls, ductwork, unit ventilators, and insulation as needed.

Electrical Upgrades
Replace existing interior and exterior lighting system with a LED lighting system including required wiring and switches.

Elevator Replacement
Replace/refurbish existing elevator. Replace/refurbish existing elevator car. Replace hoist machine and required parts.

Emergency Generator
Demolish existing generator and associated wiring and exhaust.  Install new wiring, transfer switch, and emergency generator.

Fire Alarm
Demolish existing fire alarm system and replace with a new addressable system including a main control panel, pull stations, horn/strobe units, smoke detectors, wiring, and remote annunciator panels.

Major Renovation / Additions
(Project description will be modified for each school.)

Paint & Plaster
Please visit our Paint & Plaster Stabilization website for more information.

Roof Replacement
Demolish and replace existing roof with a 2-ply modified bitumen membrane.

Site Improvements / Stormwater
Remove and replace existing asphalt, concrete pavement and markings. Install surface bio-infiltration stormwater management basin, grass and plants.