Louis H. Farrell Elementary School

Classroom Additions

Constructed in 1959, the Louis H. Farrell Elementary School, located at 8300 Castor Ave, cannot accommodate all its students. In order to alleviate the overcrowding, the Office of Capital Programs is designing a 13-classroom addition complete with bathroom facilities and an elevator. The addition will complement the existing school and will utilize energy efficient equipment and systems.

J. Hampton Moore Elementary School

Major Renovation

The major renovation includes site regrading and stormwater management structures to reduce water puddling in the schoolyard and provide a safe and appealing play areas. Upgrade to classrooms and hallways will provide a well-lit, rebranded elementary school environment. Obsolete light fixtures will be replaced with LED lighting to enhance the environment and lighting levels in all classrooms and hallways while conserving energy. The renovation will also provide a new 8-classroom modular building addition.

Edward Gideon Elementary School

Classroom Modernization

In support of Early Childhood Education, the Office of Capital Program is modernizing 7 classrooms, K through 2nd Grade, at the Gideon Elementary School. The modernization includes new LED lighting, ceiling grid, flooring, and countertops and sinks. Doors to the classrooms and millwork will be repaired. The modernized classrooms layout comply with Center Based Learning, a collaborative learning approach with differentiated instruction and learning. Those classrooms will receive new furniture designed for cooperative learning.

Overbrook High School

Digital Media Lab Renovation

At Overbrook High School, we are renovating two classrooms and two adjacent auxiliary rooms and transforming them into a state-of-the-art Digital Media classroom and recording studio to allow students to conduct photography, editing, videography, music engineering, etc. The total area of improvement is approximately 3,250 square feet.

Last modified: June 12, 2017