The Design Unit is a team of architects, electrical, mechanical, and structural engineers. We provide architectural and engineering design services to all departments of the School District.

We seek excellence in design and promote energy-efficient, maintainable and resilient facilities. It is our job to ensure our projects meet schedule and budget constraints.

We are continuously seeking talented Design Consultants to perform design services for our schools.

Contact: Gamil Hall (Interim) Design Manager | e-mail215.400.6059


The Construction Unit implements the School District’s capital plan for new construction and renovation of existing properties. The team works closely with the Design Unit and contractors to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

Contact: Damon Gonzaga | Construction Manager | e-mail | 215.400.5209


Contracts Compliance is responsible for professional service requests for proposals, pre-qualification of prime contractors, estimating, constructability reviews, advertising and distribution of plans and specifications, bid openings and bid evaluations, and approval of Schedules of Value.

We also prepare contract award resolutions, contract documents, and evaluation and resolution of change order requests and construction claims.

Contact: Dan Sadwick (Interim) Contracts Compliance Manager | e-mail | 215.400.5112


Responsible for developing the Capital Budget based on the current facility assessments and district operations feedback. We also:

  • capture total project costs and managing available bond proceeds
  • provide project and useful life details for new capital bond issuances
  • track the utilization of bond proceeds
  • manage capital encumbrances
  • manage the payment of capital-funded invoices through the financial system
  • reconcile the financial results between the project and financial processes
  • confirm the capital eligibility of requested funding
  • facilitate the preparation of capital performance metrics
  • prepare relevant financial reports to communicate our pro

Capital Operations

Capital Operations is a major driver of capital project success. The objective is to ensure that Capital Programs align with Guardrail 1 that every school will be safe, welcoming and healthy place where our students, staff, and community want to be and learn each day. We do so while also ensuring that we maximize return on invested capital, strategically manage capital projects top-down, as well as operationally bottom-up.

Contact: Leigh Clark,  Operations Manager| e-mail | 215.400.5196


Facility Condition Assessment (FCA)

Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) is an industry term that describes the process of a qualified group of trained industry professionals performing an analysis of the condition of a facility or group of facilities that may vary in terms of age, design, construction methods, and materials. In 2015, The School District of Philadelphia hired Parsons Environmental & Infrastructure Group Inc. to complete a visual inspection of its educational facilities and large athletic fields. The data collected will be used to inform the District’s five year capital program and budget.