The Framework

What is the Charter School Performance Framework (“The Framework”)?

In alignment with state requirements, our office annually evaluates each charter school to ensure they are upholding appropriate standards of excellence. This evaluation is largely based on the components in the Framework.

The Framework is like a rubric; it identifies specifically those data points that are tied to a school’s evaluation. It is the document which identifies the standards that impact a school’s renewal recommendation, and other decision-making during a charter school’s life, including revocation, amendments, and interventions. 

The Framework evaluates charter schools across three domains: Academic Success, Organizational Compliance and Viability, and Financial Health and Sustainability. Come renewal, in each domain charter schools get a rating of “Meets Standard”, “Approaches Standard”, or “Does Not Meet Standard” based on their performance.

How does the Framework impact schools at renewal?

The Framework publicly and transparently communicates to schools the standards they will be evaluated on, and how those standards determine their recommendation for renewal.

At the end of a charter school’s term, if it receives “Meets Standards” or “Approaches Standards” ratings for all three of the main areas in the Framework, it will be recommended for renewal.

If a charter school receives any “Does Not Meet Standards” ratings, the CSO will consider the school for potential non-renewal. In those cases, to determine the final recommendation, the CSO looks at the performance trend of the school as well as the severity and breadth of the issues at the school.

How does the Framework relate to our reports?

Every school receives a report every year.

ACE and Renewal Recommendation reports include a variety of information, some of which is not used in determining a renewal recommendation. For instance, our office reports out on suspension rates, which are important to know but do not factor into the final renewal recommendation for a charter school. In both reports, the executive summary section explains at a high level how a school is performing on the Framework.