Dear Students, Parents, and Families,

Welcome to the Parent Portal. The Charter Schools Office (CSO) of the School District of Philadelphia is proud to provide answers to frequently asked questions about charter schools, as well as information about the process to apply to and enroll in charter schools.

Each brick-and-mortar charter school authorized by the District has a web page where you can learn more about the school’s mission, location, grades served, contact information, academic programming, and student handbooks. You can also find details about each school’s academic performance, climate, and compliance with state and federal laws.

The CSO provides supports and services all families—whether you are just beginning to review your school choice options, are in the process of applying to one or more charter schools, or already have one or more students enrolled in a charter school.

Please let us know if other information about charter schools would be helpful to you. We welcome your feedback. You can reach us by email at, by telephone at (215) 400-4090, or in person at 440 North Broad Street, first floor, suite 102.

– The Charter Schools Office Team