About Us

The Charter Schools Office supports The School District of Philadelphia’s Board of Education in its role as an authorizer of brick and mortar charter schools operating in Philadelphia.

VISION – All students have equitable access to a system of high quality public schools that challenge them academically, support their well-being, and prepare them for success.

MISSION – The Charter Schools Office fosters high quality educational opportunities, fair and equitable treatment, and improved outcomes for students and families in Philadelphia through rigorous charter school evaluations, effective oversight, and meaningful supports.

VALUES – Student-Centered • Accountability • Equity • Transparency • Community

Guiding Principles

Improving the School District’s capacity to establish and maintain high standards for its charter schools by measuring charter performance against clear standards and implementing consequences when standards are not met.

Preserving charter school independence by focusing on accountability for student outcomes rather than methods, as it relates to curriculum, hiring, and other areas.

Protecting the right of students and families to equal access and fair treatment in Philadelphia’s charter schools.