9th Grade Academy

Welcome 9th grade students and families!

We know that transitioning to high school is an exciting time, but it may be scary. We are here to help! The 9th Grade Academy is a model that focuses on supporting your 9th grader, from the first ring of the bell through walking across the graduation stage 4 years from now!

The 9th Grade Academy is being implemented in 28 of our high schools in order to first support the populations with the highest need. We began implementing the program in 20 high schools and have since grown to 28 schools. In the future, we expect to implement the 9th grade academy in additional high schools.

To develop a comprehensive instructional support program that helps students successfully transition from middle to high school, and prepares them for success through high school and beyond. Our 9th grade academies provide students with a safe and supportive environment that cultivates academic success and nurtures whole child growth and development. Through our student-centered approach, we will instill a growth mindset in 9th grade students who own their self worth and education in ways that enhance self-advocacy, ability to employ their strengths, and access resources that expose and expand their capacity for college and career readiness.

9th Grade Academy ABC Focus Goals

9th Grade Focus #1 (Attendance)

9th Grade Focus #1 (Attendance)

Ensuring students are in school allows for higher levels of academic growth and progress towards graduation requirements. Leadership teams work to support positive climate and safety in ways that are inclusive of parent and student perspectives and priorities, are proactive, and promote student achievement while eliminating barriers to attendance.

9th Grade Focus #2 (Behavior)

9th Grade Focus #2 (Behavior):

Ensuring that schools provide critical social, emotional, and behavioral supports to students through the coordination of resources, training, and professional development. Creating a school-wide focus to promote positive healthy school climates by helping students learn from mistakes and moving away from counter-productive zero tolerance discipline policies.

9th Grade Focus #3 (Credit Attainment)

9th Grade Focus #3 (Credit Attainment):

In general, poor academic outcomes are associated with poor graduation outcomes. This is especially true when poor academic outcomes result in students falling behind. This holds even when the deficit occurs early in a student’s high school career.



9th Grade Academy Model

What is 9th Grade Academy?

This is our holistic approach to making sure that incoming 9th graders transition successfully and are set up to be successful. This is not just for the 9th grade year, but the next 4 years ahead.

How Does 9th Grade Academy Work?

9th Grade Academy is here to provide what we know works for students…to have a sense of connection to a larger community, which has shown to improve academics and enjoyment of the high school experience.

What Does that

Look Like?

We combine many different resources and services, to help ensure the foundation is strong for building a community, dedicated leadership and ongoing supports, specific to 9th graders. Setting them up for success for years to come.

Academy Leadership

An Assistant Principal dedicated to ensuring that all parts of the 9th grade year run smoothly. He or she knows each student personally, builds and fosters relationships between students and teachers, monitors classes, and uses data to ensure each student stays on track.

Academy Staffing

Core teachers who specifically teach 9th grade classes, and work with each other to support students across subject areas.

Common Planning Time

9th grade teacher teams gather weekly to discuss students, and instructional plans to ensure they’re providing the best support for all learners.