The Office of Postsecondary Readiness works efficiently to prepare our students for future success.

We provide avenues that are geared toward stimulating a thirst for education in our students and assist them to seek out resources and opportunities. Our office encourages, promotes and facilitates:
PSAT for all 9th, 10th & 11th graders
SAT and ACT test taking for all 11th and 12th graders

The School District of Philadelphia administered the PSAT to all 9th, 10th & 11th graders on Wednesday, October 16th, 2019. The 12th graders also had the opportunity to take the SAT exam on this day for free.  Students should log into their account on College Board to see their results.

FREE prep course for PSAT/SAT using is available on the College Board website.


Created by the College Board, the SAT is an entrance exam used by most colleges and universities to make admissions decisions. As of March 2016, there are two SAT sections: Math, Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, plus an optional Essay. The Essay results are reported separately. Start to finish, the test will take you three hours and 50 minutes.

Each section of the SAT is scored on a 200 to 800 point scale, making the “perfect” score 1600. Learn more about your SAT Score Report.

Upcoming SAT Dates:

SAT Test DateRegister by
August 24, 2019July 26, 2019
October 5, 2019September 6, 2019
November 2, 2019October 3, 2019
December 7, 2019November 8, 2019
March 14, 2020February 14, 2020
May 2, 2020April 3, 2020
June 6, 2020May 8, 2020


Created by ACT Inc., the ACT is an entrance exam used by most colleges and universities to make admissions decisions. The ACT has four sections: English, Reading, Math and Science, as well as an optional 40-minute writing test. Some schools may require the writing test, so be sure to ask before you take it. Learn more about what’s on the ACT.

You’ll earn one ACT score (1 to 36) on each test (English, Math, Reading and Science) and a composite ACT score, which is an average of these four tests. Usually, when people ask about your score, they’re referring to your composite ACT score. The composite score falls between 1 and 36. The national average is about 21. If, for example, you scored 31 on the English, 30 on the Math, 29 on the Reading and 30 on the Science, your composite ACT score would be 30.

The ACT includes an optional essay, known as the writing test. If you take the writing test, you will receive a writing test subscore and a combined English/writing score.

Upcoming ACT Dates:

Test DateRegister by
September 14, 2019August 16, 2019
October 26, 2019September 20, 2019
December 14, 2019November 8, 2019
February 8, 2020January 10, 2020
April 4, 2020February 28, 2020
June 13, 2020May 8, 2020
July 18, 2020June 19, 2020

Please see your high school counselor for assistance with registration for the SAT and ACT exams.