The Office of Communications serves as a link between the School District of Philadelphia and its stakeholders, particularly parents, community members, and local and national media outlets. Our office also offers communications support and resources to schools and administrative offices as they interface with the public.


To inform and engage through the media, public events, the District’s website, our social media accounts, publications, audio/video, coordinated partnerships, and more.

The Office of Communications:

  • Proactively communicates information about the District, its programs, initiatives, and schools to various stakeholders
  • Responds to information requests from the news media
  • Coordinates and assists with District-wide special events, particularly those which recognize staff, students, alumni, and partners
  • Offers communications assistance to principals and school-based staff
  • Provides support to the Board of Education during meetings
  • Supports the District’s cable television station to inform the public, to provide access to the airwaves for the District’s non-profit education partners, and to showcase the achievements of students