"We are Philadelphia public schools."

We are a community of great learners, caring families, committed teachers, principals and school staff, proven administrators, and compassionate supporters, citywide. Every day we work to support the students who inspire us.

Communicating Our Brand

Each time we communicate on behalf of our school district, whether it’s in a letter to parents, a flier about an event, a page on our website, or an internal PowerPoint deck, we want to convey who we are and the key values that guide everything we do.

The guidelines we’ve organized here are our set of rules, our brand. They cover everything from the colors we use, to the way we place our logo on a page and the friendly informative voice we want to use in all of our communications. Please use them, to ensure the consistent representation of the tone, key messages, and communication goals for the materials we produce.

Our Voice: Passionate. Approachable. Confident. Honest.

The tone of what we say often communicates more than just the content of what we say. Choose words that convey our belief in public education, our dedication to inclusion and diversity, our expertise in education, and our authenticity.

Key Messages: Value. Progress. Planning. Expectations.

The theme to all of our communications should directly or indirectly convey the value of a Philadelphia public school education, the progress we are making and the plans we have to keep the momentum going, and the greater mission of delivering on the civil right of every child to an excellent public school education.

Our Goals: Education. Engagement. Empowerment.

The materials we produce serve many objectives, but ultimately we want to accomplish one of 6 major goals, grounded in educational imperative, public trust, and city-wide pride.

  • Visual Identity

    The guide for how we convey our visual identity from our logo, to the colors we use, the photos we take, and the websites we build.

  • Language

    From our name to our tone and style, the specifics of how we build our communications to effectively communicate with each other and our audiences.

  • Resources

    Resources to aid in executing our communications from letterhead and PowerPoint templates, to sample communications and one pagers.