Principal Nomination Process

The nomination window for this year’s Lindback Award for Principals is closed.

The Nomination Review Committee takes into consideration several criteria when determining candidacy. Please carefully read the below information so that you enjoy a smooth nomination process experience!

Any individual can nominate a principal. To formally nominate a principal, schools are required to convene a school-based Lindback Award for Distinguished Principals nomination committee including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Two teachers (one of whom shall be a previous Lindback Distinguished Teacher Winner, if applicable)
  • One parent (elementary schools only)
  • One student (high schools only)

If you are employed at the school, please skip ahead to the steps outlined below.

If you are not employed at the school and you would like to engage in the process, please complete this short form so that the District can direct you to the appropriate point person at the school.

Step 1- Establish the School-based Lindback Award for Distinguished Principals Nomination Committee

As a reminder, the committee must include, but not limited to, two teachers (one of whom shall be a previous Lindback Distinguished Teacher Winner, if applicable); one parent (elementary schools only); one student (high schools only)

Step 2 – Gather the Supporting Documents & Save as Electronic Files (be sure to include the candidate’s name when naming each file)

List of Supporting Documents:

  • Candidate’s Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  • Candidate Abbreviated Biography Template (Google doc)
  • Written Statement Template (Google doc) – The Written Statements Template captures all the written responses in one place. Once you access the Written Statements Template, be sure to create a copy! When all of the fields are complete, save the Google doc as a pdf and title the file using the name of the principal. You will need to upload the completed Written Statements Template to the Google nomination form in the final step.

Tip: once you access the Written Statements Template via Google, make sure to create a copy! You can then share your copy with applicable members of your school team for real-time collaboration.

  • Optional Letters of Recommendation/endorsement including but not limited to: community members, local business owners, parents/students.

Tip: these optional letters of recommendation must also be electronic files and can be uploaded to the google form in the final step.

Step 3 – Submit the Google Nomination Form   

Now that you have completed and saved each of the required supporting documents as electronic files, you can now complete the Google Nomination Form!

NOTE: You will be required to sign in to Google to complete the form.

Tip: The form is organized into sections. You will not be able to progress to the next section unless the required documentation is provided.

Need Help?  

Any questions related to the application, please contact Questions will be responded to within 48-72 hours.