CTE Advanced College Credits

CTE Advanced College Credits is the opportunity for CTE students to obtain free college credits related to their Program of Study (POS) at a PA state college. There are two pathways of obtaining CTE Advanced College Credits: SOAR and 1-on-1 Articulation Agreements.

Students Occupationally and Academically Ready (SOAR) is a program that allows Career and Technical Education (CTE) students enrolled in a PA-approved Program of Study to receive free college credits upon completion of their CTE program as well as, attaining Advanced or Competent levels in the NOCTI exam.

The mission of SOAR is to prepare students for college and careers in a diverse, high-performing workforce. SOAR is the career and technical Program of Study (POS) educational plan that articulates the secondary career and technical programs to postsecondary degree or diploma or certificate programs. SOAR programs lead students into a career pathway that align the secondary courses to a postsecondary program to complete a degree or certificate.

SOAR is built on POS which incorporate secondary education and postsecondary education elements and include coherent and rigorous content aligned with challenging academic standards and relevant career and technical content. These programs include a statewide articulation agreement partnership between secondary schools and postsecondary institutions. SOAR programs prepare today’s student for High Priority Occupations (HPO) which include career categories that are in high demand by employers, have higher skill needs, and are most likely to provide family sustaining wages.

  • Saving money on college tuition
  • Saving time by shortening college attendance
  • Getting on the right career pathway
  • Entering the job market ready
  • Getting a consistent education
  1. Review list of post-secondary institutions that accept SOAR credits
  2. If your student has selected a college and wants the articulated credits, follow the directions below:
    1. Have their instructor fill out the following forms:
      1. Perkins Statewide Articulation Agreement
      2. POS Perkins Statewide Articulation Agreement Documentation Coversheet
      3. If the student is applying to Community College of Philadelphia, fill out this coversheet instead
    2. Students Technical GPA must be 2.5 or greater.
    3. Make a copy of their completed PAL (100% Mastery achieved)
    4. Make a copy of their NOCTI certificate (Competent or Advanced)
    5. Make a copy of their Industry Certification (not necessary but highly recommended)
    6. Include an official transcript from the school with the school’s official stamp.
    7. Make a copy of their High School Diploma.
    8. Student must be accepted to the college already in order for the credits to be accepted.
    9. Once you have all of the above information, submit it to Reginald Moton at rkmoton@philasd.org

Some schools aren’t in the SOAR program but they still offer college credits to students who graduate from CTE. These schools are under what is called a “1-on-1 Articulation Agreement”, meaning that they’ve partnered with the District’s CTE office to recognize our students’ hands-on skills and training by awarding college credits.

To apply for these schools, graduates from the School District of Philadelphia must satisfy all admission requirements with the school they are applying to. Students should review the school’s program of study to ensure they meet the minimum requirements to be awarded the program academic credits for the certificate or degree program they are selecting.

The student must email the following information to rkmoton@philasd.org:

  • Proof of acceptance into the school they’re enrolling for
  • Copy of high school diploma
  • Official student transcript
  • Secondary competency task list (make sure your secondary-school technical instructor signs it)
  • PA Certificate of Competency or PA Skills Certificate from CTE program area or local certificate (if applicable)
  • Earned industry certifications (if applicable)

Is there a time limit after a qualifying student graduates from a SOAR program to receive the
college credits?

Yes, the student has three years from their date of graduation to apply and matriculate into the related
CTE program at a partnering postsecondary institution to receive credit.

What does SOAR stand for?

SOAR stands for Students Occupationally and Academically Ready. The mission of SOAR is to prepare students for college and careers in a diverse, high-performing workforce.

What is a SOAR Program?

A SOAR Program is a PDE (Pennsylvania Dept. of Edu.) approved, Career & Technical Education Program that credits skills and tasks learned at the secondary school (high school) level to a postsecondary (college) degree, diploma, or certificate program. SOAR programs prepare today’s students for High Priority Occupations which are tomorrows high demand and high wage careers.

Are students are required to complete all competencies on the POS Secondary Competency Task List?

Yes, Secondary school students must complete to industry proficiency level all the tasks listed on the
Secondary Competency Task List in order to qualify for the course credits awarded at the partnering
postsecondary institution.

How does a student qualify for SOAR postsecondary college credits?

Under the terms and conditions of this Agreement and based on the following principles, college-level
credit will be granted to students matriculating into a partnering postsecondary CTE program when all the
student criteria listed below is achieved and proper documentation is submitted.

Students must:

  • Earn a high school diploma, achieve a minimum 2.5 grade point average on a 4.0 scale in the technical
    courses and complete the Secondary School component of the approved PDE Program of Study.
  • Achieve competent or advanced level on the Secondary School end-of-program assessment that is
    appropriate to the approved PDE Program of Study.
  • Achieve proficiency on all of the approved PDE Program of Study Secondary Competency Task List.
  • Furnish documentation necessary to the Postsecondary Institution upon written request. Documents
    should be student specific that verify that the student meets all secondary requirements of the approved
    PDE Program of Study.

1-on-1 Articulation Agreements*

Below you can find written agreements between CTE and the schools below:

Community College of Philadelphia

Harcum College

Neumann University

Pennsylvania Institute of Technology

* What are 1-on-1 Articulation Agreements?