Which schools offer which programs?

For a quick overview of all of our programs and which schools have those programs, visit our At-A-Glance CTE page.

How do I enroll in a CTE program?

Enrolling is Easy

Not Yet in High School?

If you are in middle school, when it comes time for you to apply to high schools for 9th grade admission, please review the CTE program offerings here to learn about specific CTE programs, and in which schools they are offered. If you are interested in a particular program at a school, you are strongly encouraged to apply for admission to that school.

Already in High School?

CTE programs are offered in over 25 high schools across the School District. You can enroll in a CTE program at your high school, as long as space is available. If you are unsure of whether your high school offers CTE programs, you can click here, or speak with your school counselor.

Why would a student wish to enroll in a CTE program?

Students enroll in CTE because they wish to learn “hands-on” career skills while earning a high school diploma in order to prepare for college or other higher education studies. In addition to school laboratory settings, students have the opportunity to take part in internships, mentorships, job shadowing, and other industry-based, real-life experiences.

When do CTE programs begin?

CTE programs begin in the 10th grade and follows a three-year course of study ending in 12th grade upon successful completion of the program as well as receiving a high school diploma and taking the required NOCTI exam.

How are CTE programs different in a comprehensive neighborhood high school vs. a CTE high school?

There is no difference at all! CTE programs, no matter in what type of school they are offered, provide the same curriculum, instruction and overall experience to students.

Is CTE only for students who are not college bound?

No. CTE is designed for all students, providing a foundation of industry based technical skills and academic knowledge. CTE courses help all students make informed decisions about college and career choices.

Are CTE programs available in elementary or middle schools?

Pennsylvania-approved CTE programs are only available to high school students beginning in the 10th grade until the end of their senior year. Some elementary and middle schools may offer a CTE-related course not related to the requirements of a CTE program. To find out if any elementary or middle schools offer a CTE course, please contact the school directly.

What are the qualifications for a CTE teacher and how much industry experience will the average teacher have?

CTE teachers are recruited and hired directly from a specific industry, and in order to be hired in our District, they must possess the technical expertise needed to be successful in a given career field. For example, our CTE teacher workforce is made up of Registered Nurses, Master Automotive Mechanics, Engineers, Carpenters, and Graphic Designers. They come to our District with an average of 10 years of industry experience and a passion for educating young people.

What is the cost for the industry-related certification exams offered throughout all CTE programs?

For students enrolled in approved CTE programs in Philadelphia, there is no cost for the training and materials as well as taking the certification examination in order to receive the credential. There may be some exams that require a small fee for testing by an outside partner, but overall certification testing is at no cost to the student.

How do CTE internships work?

CTE internship opportunities are available for students who are currently taking a CTE course. CTE teachers arrange student internship opportunities and track student progress of CTE course objectives during the internship. Click link for more information

Where can students find out about CTE classes offered at their high school?

Students should contact their school counselors for CTE course offerings and enrollment information. Click link for more Program information

How do I earn college credit?

Click on the section on the website that will provide information of obtaining college credit if enrolled in a CTE program

How do high school students apply for working papers in order to be eligible for employment?

The Office of Career and Technical Education provides four (4) locations around the city to obtain working papers. For additional information, please click

How does CTE prepare students for life after high school?

Students who graduate from CTE schools have multiple options. They may choose to continue their education at colleges and universities, go directly into the workforce, select technical training programs, apprenticeships, or schools that specialize in their chosen field of interest, or some combination of all of the above.

High quality career and technical education programs directly engage students to meet CTE graduation standards through a contextualized program of study that links rigorous academic content with industry requirements and workforce experience.

Is There any Proof that CTE Works?


  • Students who take two or more CTE courses are less likely to drop out of high school
  • High school CTE programs prepare students for the many high paying, high-tech jobs requiring less than a bachelor’s degree
  • Students concentrating in CTE have test scores equal to those who are “college prep” students