Business & Finance

The Business & Finance programs introduce students to the professional world of business and finance. These courses add new dimensions to learning through hands-on experiences. Students learn fundamentals in accounting, business management, communication, economics, entrepreneurship, information technology, marketing and personal finance. Each course provides practical business skills-oriented programming for the student who wants to get ahead of the competition in the world of business. Programs offered are:

Accounting and Financial Services

Business Administration

Sports Marketing and Management

Communications & Graphics

Students who want to communicate with the most up-to-date technology will flourish in the Communications Programs. Combining traditional high school classes with in-depth training in various media, design and production skills, students will have a foundation for work in the communications field after high school, or in advanced college courses after graduation.

The Communications Cluster consists of three career tracks for students to choose from:

Digital Media Production

Film & Video Production

Graphic Design


Construction & Manufacturing

The foundation of the construction industry is learning how to build. From new technology in the industry to advanced carpentry or plumbing skills, the Construction program clusters prepare students who love to combine learning with practical, hands-on solutions or creations. From fixing existing structures and systems to building things from the ground up, the Construction program combines skills and understanding for work after graduation, or future advanced training. The career tracks in the Construction program are:

Architectural Drafting


Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD)

Construction Technologies

Electrical & Power Transmission Installation


Electronics Technology/Automated Systems

Engineering Technologies

Facility & Property Maintenance

Plumbing Technology

Precision Machine Tool Technology

Welding Technology


From birth to age five, children learn and grow faster than any other time in their life. From childcare to the in-depth study of child development and education, the Early Childhood Care and Education is perfect for students who want to turn their love for working with young kids into a career. The programs focus on teaching young children, child development and learning, and working in and managing daycare facilities.

Early Childhood Education & Childcare




Dental Assisting

Emergency Medical Technician/Fire Academy

Health Related Records Technology

Health Related Technologies

Medical/Clinical Assistant




Baking & Pastry Arts

Culinary Arts

Information Technology


Most of us can’t imagine life without our cell phones. We talk and we text, but we have no idea how the phone works, how it was manufactured, how it communicates with other devices such as our computers, or where the information is stored.  Our phone is considered “smart,” but why?

If you’re someone who thinks about these questions, an exciting career in Information Technology (IT) might be for you. Not only is IT an industry of its own with many fast-growing and high-paying jobs, it also supports every other industry. Businesses of all kinds, large and small, rely on their secure and efficient information systems to be successful.

The career outlook for CTE-IT graduates couldn’t be more promising. Computer systems service and support, computer networking, and web development are some of your options. As a CTE-IT graduate you will know how to learn the new technology that will prepare you for further study in college and a rewarding IT career to last a lifetime.

Natural Sciences & Biotechnology

Every day, we see news stories which highlight the ways in which the state of the natural world directly affects our lives -whether it is stories on major weather events, issues around animal conservation, questions around the health of our food and water or the newest pharmaceutical breakthrough-  biology and chemistry are central to many matters of fundamental importance to modern society.

Through CTE programs in Horticulture, Animal Science, Natural Resource Management, Food Sciences and Biotechnology, you will build a strong foundation in biology, chemistry and systems science and participate in real-world projects.

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

Animal Sciences


Food Processing Sciences


Natural Resources Management

Solar Energy

Personal Care

Some students are naturals when it comes to hair styling (that includes beards too!). Others want to learn the skills and techniques necessary to be a great stylist. Whatever your natural skill level, the Cosmetology programs teaches students how to be great hair stylists and salon professionals. For students with a great eye for hair, a desire to learn hands-on techniques in an academic setting, and perfect their hand in actual salon work.
Cosmetology instruction is designed to qualify students for the PA State Board of Cosmetology Licensing Examination.

To succeed in fashion and styling, professionals combine a great sense of style with great education. The Fashion Design programs teach the skills in design, drafting, tailoring and styling that, combined with a good eye for style, make successful professionals.



Fashion Design




Autobody Collision Repair

Automotive Technology

Logistics, Materials & Supply Chain Management



Last modified: August 20, 2021