Business & Finance

Business & Finance

Are you interested in how companies work and profits are made? Business & Finance programs help students develop knowledge in personal finance, time management, organizational skills, and goal setting. Students learn business fundamentals in accounting, business management, communication, economics, entrepreneurship, information technology, marketing, and personal finance. Each course provides practical business skills–oriented programming for the students who wants to get ahead of the competition in the world of business.

Lists of schools that support these programs are provided on each program page.

Do you want to play a vital role in running a business? Accounting careers benefit from high industry growth and potential earnings. This program is designed to introduce students to accounting terms and concepts. Coursework includes general and refined instruction in accounting software operations, and general accounting principals and practices. Students work toward Quickbooks and IRS Preparation certifications, recognized industry standards.

Do you see yourself working alongside top business executives as an invaluable member of the administrative team? This program is designed for students who want to learn the skills required to support administrative and business operations. Instruction prepares students to take the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exams for Word and Excel, two key tools used in business around the world. Students learn accounting, business concepts, personal finance, and the general office skills that make candidates stand out to employers.

Did you know small businesses drive the American economy? This program introduces students to the functions of marketing and the skills needed to run a business. Students apply learned concepts as they conduct market research, design advertising campaigns and develop targeted marketing plans. Hands-on training includes designing in-store displays, drafting print advertisements and delivering sales pitches using Canva and Microsoft® Excel® to prepare everything from budgets and resumés to business proposals. Students work toward Microsoft Office Specialist Certification (MOS) and National Retail Federation Customer Service Certification.