Animal Science

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a sheep looking intently at the camera. In the background are other sheep inside of a barn.

Schools that offer Animal Science

The Animal Science program applies the core sciences of biology and chemistry to the study of animal reproduction and genetics, nutrition, anatomy and physiology and animal behavior and husbandry.

In this program, students are immersed in all aspects of care for the school’s large animals (cows, horses, sheep & pigs), as well as companion and laboratory animals (rabbits, dogs, ferrets, mice, guinea pigs…). Instruction occurs not only in the classroom, but in the fields, lab and barns, where feeding, grooming, handling and cleaning up after animals are all regular activities. Advanced students may even be offered the chance to prepare show animals for the annual Pennsylvania Farm Show. (Part state fair and part agribusiness showcase, the PA Farm Show is the largest indoor agricultural event in the United States)

Though many of the students who come into this program aspire to become veterinarians, the opportunities associated with animal science extend far beyond medical care. Humans around the world rely on animals for food, fiber, and recreation. These and other sectors of industry support numerous career opportunities for animal science graduates.

Animal Science students participate in field trips to University of Pennsylvania’s Veterinary School, internships at Monell Science Apprenticeship Program, and more!

a veterinarian and a volunteer do physical check up on a golden retriever

Certifications Offered

Possible Career Paths

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