Virtual Working Papers

Please read the information below carefully.

**If you miss your virtual appointment, it will NOT be rescheduled.**  As the city of Philadelphia lifts COVID restrictions, we are phasing out the virtual appointments, therefore, you will have to schedule an in person appointment.

The School District of Philadelphia has created a process that will allow you to apply for your Working Papers online and meet virtually by appointment. You will download and complete the online application, Parent/Guardian must sign application, Minor/Parent will submit application through a Google form (link below) and virtually will meet with Working Papers Issuer via Google Meet, upon which the completed Working Paper Blue Card will be mailed to your home address. Appointments are to be scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please allow up to fourteen (14) days to be contacted.


How to Apply for your Working Papers via Virtual Appointment

1.      Complete the Work Permit Application.  There are two sections to the Work Permit Application (Sections A & B) – BOTH SECTIONS MUST BE COMPLETED.  Important: You must submit a COMPLETED and SIGNED Work Permit Application in order for an issuing officer to contact you to schedule an appointment.

Please carefully follow these steps on how to complete the Work Permit Application:

Click here to download and complete the “Application for Work Permit”

You will need Adobe Acrobat to open the file.
** You will need to save the application on to your computer before completing.

Section A of the Application:  The following parts of Section A must be completed:

o    NAME:  Full Name of Applicant (Minor) – First and Last Name

o    Sex, Hair Color, and Eye Color

o    Physical Work Restrictions (if applicable) – If none, enter N/A

o    Place of Residence – Applicant Home Address with ZIP Code  and apt. # if applicable

o    Place of Birth – City & State OR Country other than USA

o    Date of Birth

Part B of the Application:  Parent/Guardian Completes Section B:

o   Parent/Guardian must sign the application in the “Signature of Parent/Guardian or Legal Custodian” box, located at the bottom of the application

* Click here for a helpful link to show you how to e-sign a PDF using Adobe

Note: There are many types of electronic signature apps and software, and we will accept all methods, as long as the Work Permit application is completed and  Electronically Signed by the Parent/Guardian.

If your parent/guardian cannot sign electronically, please print application, manually sign, take photo from your smart phone and upload to the Google form link below.

2.      After application is completed, signed by your parent, and saved to your computer, you will need to complete the online Google form and submit your application.

3.      After successful receipt and review of your application (confirming all lines are completed and signed by parent/Guardian), you will receive a Google Meet invite by email. It can take up to 2 weeks for this part of the process. When received, click “Accept” to confirm the Google Meet  Appointment. Your virtual meeting will now be scheduled. Please be sure to check your email regularly to confirm your Google appointment. Make a note of your appointment date and time.

*Virtual Meetings will be scheduled during business hours Monday – Friday and possibly Saturdays, depending on the availability of the issuing officer(s). On average your meeting should last no more than 15 minutes. Your meeting will be set at the next available slot via Google Meet.

** If you cannot  make your requested appointment time, you can decline and respond with a later date and time that you are available within the hours listed above.

4.  A few minutes before the date and time of your virtual appointment, you will need to access your appointment request that was emailed to you by opening the original email or accessing your Google calendar. Click link under Join with Google Meet “ code.”

5.  During your Google Meeting you will be required to present a proof of age document.

* Acceptable documents include birth certificate, baptismal certificate, passport, driver’s license, or school ID as long as the form of identification lists the date of birth.
** The minor must be present for the issuance of working papers.

6.  Upon visual verification of your age and receipt of your completed and signed application, you will receive your Blue Working Paper card via USPS Mail.

* Please allow 1 to 2 weeks to receive your Working Permit by mail.