The Philadelphia School District applies a balanced literacy approach to the instruction of English Language Arts (ELA). This approach combines whole language instruction with phonics instruction, and students learn by engaging with reading and writing independently and through teacher models. The balance between collaborative and independent learning incorporates best practices for the multiple ways students best learn. District teachers are provided with a core curriculum and resources and have the autonomy to decide on instructional practices that fit their classroom.

All District ELA teachers design instruction and assessment in accordance with the PA Core Standards. These standards set high expectations in order to ensure that all students are college and career ready prior to graduation.

Schools have autonomy to select the instructional materials that meet the needs of students. Additionally, teachers have access to professional development and use of the Curriculum Engine, to enhance their instruction.

Questions, Concerns, Ideas

Feel free to contact the ELA team if you have any questions, concerns or ideas at ela@philasd.org.