“All students think mathematically, and they will be
empowered to own, share, and do mathematics.”

A set of common guiding principles drives our work:

  • Undertaking purpose-driven work, intentionally concentrating on the most important mathematical ideas and fostering a shared understanding of learning goals
  • Offering rich and meaningful tasks, which allow students to explore different strategies, explain their thinking, see mathematics as relevant, struggle productively, and develop as problem-solvers
  • Promoting equitable discourse by ensuring balance between classroom voices and offering regular opportunities for students to both share their reasoning with each other and value each others’ contributions
  • Encouraging questioning and curiosity about mathematics, as an interesting and rich academic pursuit, and about the diversity of students’ reasoning and problem-solving approaches
  • Valuing diverse thinking by nurturing classroom spaces that are collaborative and safe for sharing, by highlighting students’ knowledge within their responses, and by seeking to support understanding over merely solving.

The School District of Philadelphia’s mathematics curriculum and resources support conceptual understanding, fluency, and application.  District teachers are provided with a core curriculum and resources and have the autonomy to decide on instructional practices that fit their classroom.

All District mathematics teachers design instruction and assessment in accordance with the PA Core Standards. These standards set high expectations in order to ensure that all students are college and career ready prior to graduation.  In addition, they promote opportunities to critically engage in mathematical problem solving.

Schools have autonomy to select the instructional materials that meet the needs of students. Additionally, teachers have access to professional development and use of the Curriculum Engine, to enhance their instruction.

Comprehensive Guide for Mathematical Instruction K-12

Questions, Concerns, Ideas

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