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Math and English Language Arts

During the 2016-2017 school year The School District of Philadelphia purchased new K-12 Core Mathematics instructional resources and English Language Arts (ELA) anthologies and reading books. The selection process for Math instructional resources and ELA anthologies and reading books was completed by designated Network Teams. Network Teams were identified by assistant superintendents and consisted of principals, teachers, specialists, parents, and PFT representatives. All staff were welcome to attend vendor presentation sessions in order to learn more about the products that Network Teams evaluated.

In April 2016, The Office of Curriculum and Instruction (OCI) scheduled individual Network Team presentations with vendors. Network Teams evaluated products that were presented by each vendor; however, everyone was provided access to all digital content associated with vendor products.

OCI then evaluated the rubrics submitted by Network Teams and determined the top two products for Math and ELA (anthologies and reading books). The names of the top two products were announced on May 6, 2016. Schools then selected a Math and an ELA product from the approved list.

The process of this adoption can be accessed by clicking here.


The Office of Curriculum and Instruction approves schools to purchase FOSS or HMH Science Dimensions.

Accessing Online Resources

Pearson Realize

Big Ideas Math – Contact the to obtain the teacher activation code.

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