Online Courses and Adaptive Instructional Programs

The Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment works to enable teachers to be more effective by leveraging online instructional models and materials, and to personalize the student learning experience with the goal of improving academic outcomes and closing the achievement gap.

The School District of Philadelphia is continually building and improving its virtual and digital learning experiences. Our goal is to expand access to quality courses and adaptive programs, and improve the quality of these courses and programs.

Online courses expand the options available to schools by providing high-quality content for students in need of more advanced level courses, or to recover credits for graduation. They allow Philadelphia School District teachers to facilitate multiple levels within a content area, opening up the catalog of available courses across the District.

Adaptive Instructional Programs are approved digital programs that are data-driven, creating an individual learning pathway for students. A list of providers of online courses and adaptive programs are being reviewed by a committee of representatives from every academic and technology office in the District. The list of recommended providers can be found by clicking here.