Learning Guides

Teacher Resources

Please Note: The Digital Learning Activities website is designed to provide teachers with the standards-aligned materials they will need to implement planned instruction. Teachers will be using these materials in Google Classroom to interact and engage students directly. Parents are able to view them however the materials were not designed for parents to use with their children independently.

Extended 3rd Term Quarters-at-a-Glance

Parent/Student Resources

The School District of Philadelphia encourages parents and caregivers to find ways to keep their children engaged in educational activities during this extended period of school closures.

The District is making Learning Guides available as a resource during this time. These optional Learning Guides (K-12) are offered for personal use. The Learning Guides are aligned to areas previously taught to students during this school year, and parents and students may select which Learning Guides to use.

Paper copies of English Language Arts and Mathematics Learning Guides are available at all School District grab-and-go meal distribution sites. Electronic copies can be accessed online below.

Students and families with general questions may call the Learning Guide hotline at (215) 400-5300, Monday – Thursday from 9:30 -11:30 a.m.

Thank you for encouraging the use of these guides with your children while the District is closed, and for your ongoing support as valued partners in your child’s education.

Pennsylvania Department of Education – Assessment Anchors and Eligible Content – Click here

This is an additional resource to help understand the activities and content included in the Learning Guides.

Glossaries are available for students who speak languages other than English. The glossaries provide translations of key terms in Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Math.

Click here for Glossaries

Resources for English Language Learners and Students with Special Needs

Pre-K Parent Toolkit for Extended Closure

Enrichment and Review Learning Guides II 
Created for March 30 – April 17

Enrichment and Review Learning Guides I 
Created for March 16 – March 27

High School and Post-Secondary Resources

Online AP Classes and Review Sessions

Sessions available throughout the day on YouTube. Click here for the daily schedule.


Military Academics Student Series

Military Academy Fundamentals – 

Military Program Essentials – 

Military Education Overview – 

Mondays with Michelle Obama
Join Michelle Obama every Monday at 12:00pm for a special story time with PBS Kids.

Click here to participate and see the other events from PBSKids

WHYY Brings the Classroom Home

Click here to learn about WHYY Learning

Click here to see the WHYY Learning Schedule  April 6 – April 10, 2020


Apps are reviewed and approved centrally by a team of educators with a focus on efficacy and student data privacy.

List of APPS that have been approved by the District for use.

Hotlines, for Help with Learning Guides and General Questions

  • English 215-400-5300

    Hotline, for Help with Learning Guides and General Questions

  • SHQIP (Albanian) 215-400-8480

    Linja telefonike për Udhëzuesin Ndihmues të mësimit dhe pyetje të përgjithshme gjatë periudhës së mbylljes së shkollave

  • عربي (Arabic) 215-400-8481

    الخط الساخن للمساعدة في دليل التعلم والأسئلة العامة أثناء الإغلاق

  • 汉语 (Chinese) 215-400-8482


  • Español (Spanish) 215-400-8489

    Línea directa para ayuda con guías de estudio y preguntas generales durante el cierre

  • Français (French) 215-400-8483

    La hotline pour l'assistance au guide d'apprentissage et questions générales pendant la fermeture

  • ខ្មែរ  (Khmer) 215-400-8484

    លេខទូរស័ព្ទសំខាន់សម្រាប់ ការណែនាំអំពីការសិក្សា និង សំណួរទូទៅ ក្នុងខណៈពេលដែលសាលាត្រូវបិទ

  • Português (Portuguese) 215-400-8474

    Linha Direta de Apoio ao Guia de Aprendizagem e Perguntas Gerais durante o fechamento

  • Русский (Russian) 215-400-8485

    Горячия линия для помощи при работе с Учебными пособиями и для Основных вопросов на период закрытия школ

  • Việt (Vietnamese) 215-400-8486

    Đường Dây Nóng Trợ Giúp Cho Hướng Dẫn Học Tập Và Thắc Mắc Chung Trong Khi Trường Đóng Cửa