Learning Guides I

Learning Guides I created for March 16 – March 27

Glossaries are available for students who speak languages other than English. The glossaries provide translations of key terms in Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Math.

Click here for Glossaries

Kindergarten – 5th Grade
K ELA and Math
Text: What Will the Weather Be?
K Saxon Phonics

K Social Studies (Print version)
K Social Studies (Google Doc version)

K Science Force and Motion
Gr 1 ELA and Math
Text: Goods and Services
Gr 1 Saxon Phonics

Gr 1 Social Studies (Print version)
Gr 1 Social Studies (Google Doc version)

1st Gr Science-What is Sound?
Gr 2 ELA and Math
Text: Change Makers
Gr 2 Saxon Phonics

Gr 2 Social Studies (Print version)
Gr 2 Social Studies (Google Doc version)

Gr 2 Science - Environments
Gr 3 ELA and Math
Text: Deep Down and Other Extreme Places to Live

Gr 3 Social Studies (Print version)
Gr 3 Social Studies (Google Doc version)

Gr 3 Science -Life Cycles
Gr 4 ELA and Math
Text: Why the Sea is Salty

Gr 4 Social Studies (Print version)
Gr 4 Social Studies (Google Doc version)

Gr 4 Science - Plant Structure and Function
Gr 5 ELA and Math
Text: The Great Migration

Gr 5 Social Studies (Print Version
Gr 5 Social Studies (Google Doc version)

Gr 5 Science-Gravity

6th Grade – 12th Grade
ELAMathScienceSocial Studies
6th Grade ELA
Text: Journey to the Center of the Earth
6th GradeGr 6 ScienceGr 6 Social Studies (Print Version)
Gr 6 Social Studies (Google Doc version)
7th Gr ELA7th GradeGr 7 ScienceGr 7 Social Studies (Print version)
Gr 7 Social Studies (Google Doc version)
8th Gr ELA8th GradeGr 8 ScienceGr 8 Social Studies (Print version)
Gr 8 Social Studies (Google Doc version)
English 1Algebra 1BiologyAfrican American History (Print Copy)
African American History (Google Doc version)
English 2GeometryChemistryWorld History (Print version)
World History (Google Doc version)
English 3Algebra 2Physical ScienceUS History (Print version)
US History (Google Doc version)
English 4Environmental ScienceSocial Science (Print version
Social Science (Google Doc version)

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