Certify is the district initiative to improve data quality, primarily by sending alert notifications when a specific condition exists that warrants the attention of school or district staff.

Types of Scorecards

School-based Scorecards

Audience: School staff who are able to make changes.

School-based scorecards are composed of targeted, actionable rules that help focus staff on tasks to accomplish. Rules on school-based scorecards may identify errors that need correcting, can provide helpful reminders that the staff should be taking an action in the near future, or can help to close gaps in providing appropriate services to students.  Most target audiences for school-based scorecards only receive alerts when they have the permissions to make the appropriate changes in Infinite Campus. In effect, if they receive an alert, they have the Infinite Campus access to address the issues. Principals and Assistant Principals also receive a list of all of the alerts for their school so that they can appropriately monitor progress.

Report Scorecards

In contrast to the other scorecards, a report scorecard is generally not intended to be actionable. Reporting scorecards provide an up-to-date list of students that meet a set of high-priority criteria or notify recipients of situations that may warrant their attention. They are not actionable and there is nothing for the staff to do. Examples of Report Scorecard rules include lists of Special Education Students who were suspended in the previous week, a notification of students who transferred schools with a behavior plan. To help users differentiate between Report Scorecards, the email notification has a light blue color.

Central Office Scorecards

Central Office Scorecards are tailored to the needs of the program office and may contain a mix of actionable rules and other types of alerts. At times, rules that appear on School-based Scorecards may also appear on the scorecard for the relevant program office so that their staff can monitor progress or address any issues that school-based staff may have. In other circumstances, actionable rules are designed so that the program office staff are notified in a timely manner when they need to take action. Finally, some Central Office rules may be more informational and serve to alert the program office staff of specific situations but are not intended to be immediately acted upon.

Using Certify

Certify(tm) is a program design and maintained by Certica Solutions.  As such, it is run outside of the school district and not part of the single sign-on district portal (the “Hollywood Squares”). This can lead to some confusion when trying to use Certify for the first time.  Please note the following:

  • Your username is your philasd.org district email.
  • Your password may be different than your normal district password.
  • You do not start with a password – you can set up a new password (or reset an existing one by pressing) Forgot Your Password (linked here) and entering in your email address, which will provide a temporary, one-use password;
  • You must log into Certify to retrieve student names and details – no student information is sent in the email;
  • You can only log into Certify from a School District of Philadelphia internet network;
  • Most of the actionable alerts can be completed through Infinite Campus;
  • Sometimes there are legitimate Exceptions, when the student information is both accurate and still meets the criteria to appear in the alert. In these cases, there are Exception Forms linked in the More Info… box on the Rule Report page. By filling out the exception form and explaining the situation, the student will be removed from your report.
    • An example of a valid exception is when a student is overage and getting caught by an age verification rule – filling out the Exception form will remove them from the report. Rules in which an exception wouldn’t make sense do not have a form.
  • If you have found an error, when the rule is reporting something that is not accurate based on the data in Infinite Campus, please fill out the error form to the right.