Posted on February 16, 2021
Categories: Research and Evaluation

This 24-page report compares performance in reading and math assessments for the same set of students over time. The main metric used in this report is the National Percentile Rank (NPR). NPR is a norm-referenced measure that compares student performance to a national sample of students.

Key findings include:

  • On average, decline in student National Percentile Rank (NPR) performance from 2019-20 Winter (in-person instruction) to 2020-21 Fall (virtual instruction) was small. The overall average decline was highest (6 percentiles) for aimswebPlus Reading (grades 1-5).
  • Students who were in kindergarten in 2019-20 and in first grade in 2020-21 had the largest decline in Winter to next-Fall performance.
  • Overall, the decline in performance from Winter to next-Fall represents a mostly equal decline across students of different demographic subgroups.
    Although all demographic groups experienced Winter to next-Fall declines equally, year-to-year comparisons show that existing overall performance differences across demographic groups persisted.

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