Posted on March 31, 2021
Categories: Internal

Preliminary Q3 report card data is now loaded in QlikBAM and available for viewing in the Course Marks & Credits app. Please note, this data is preliminary (as noted on the cover images of the app) and does not reflect any changes/updates made since the close of the report card window. The data will be refreshed the week of 4/12/21 to reflect final Q3 data (inclusive of changes/updates from Report Card Conferences); at that time the app cover images will be updated to remove the “Prelim” note.

When comparing data year-over-year, please keep in mind that Q3 of 2019-20 was the final quarter of the year. Thus, when comparing data from this year to last, you are comparing in-progress grades to final grades.

Any questions or comments, please contact the District Performance Office at