Posted on September 10, 2021
Categories: Internal

As we move into the 2020-21 school year, you may be hearing from researchers who are interested in doing research in your school (or you may be gearing up to do a dissertation yourself!). Because the District receives a large number of requests from individuals and organizations to conduct research studies and the number of proposed projects is generally larger than the District can accommodate without significantly disrupting instruction, all individuals and organizations interested in conducting research in the District must have their proposals reviewed and approved by the Office of Research and Evaluation’s Research Review Committee (RRC). We need your help! Please direct all researchers to the RRC requirements and process if they have not already submitted a proposal. They can find lots of information about the process on our website, and the RRC team is also happy to answer questions via email at

The RRC reviews and tracks all research efforts in the District to ensure that: (1) the research is aligned with District goals; (2) research is not duplicative or unnecessarily burdensome to students or school personnel; (3) all required procedures are followed when conducting research with human subjects in school settings; and (4) research projects do not overlap in ways that make it difficult to interpret the findings. An approved RRC proposal is also required for researchers requesting to analyze existing school district data not already available on Open Data.

All researchers must also have principal permission before entering the building, which you may be asked to provide by completing a principal support form. If you do not support a research study or want additional people in your building, you are not required to complete the principal support form. As you consider requests for research in your building, you can always reach out to for support or more information.